Burberry Swimwear Summer 2023 Campaign

Burberry Swimwear Summer 2023 Campaign

Burberry Swimwear Summer 2023 campaign with Alex Schlab, Angelina Kendall, Candace Demers, Ishmael Auguiste, Kaedon Baxter, Matheus Mesquita, Sophie Alice, Tess Carter, Tianna St. Louis (Models), Tyrone Lebon (Photographer), Daniel Lee (Creative Director).

Burberry, renowned for its iconic designs and timeless style, is set to make waves this summer with its captivating swimwear collection for Summer 2023. Building upon the success of its previous campaigns, Burberry teams up with talented photographer and director Tyrone Lebon to bring forth a vintage-inspired aesthetic that merges nostalgia, adventure, and sensuality. As the brand continues to evolve under the creative direction of Daniel Lee, the latest swimwear campaign promises to captivate and excite fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

In collaboration with Tyrone Lebon, Burberry embraces a vintage, lo-fi aesthetic for its Summer 2023 swimwear campaign. This creative direction, first introduced during Lee's debut campaign series, adds a touch of nostalgic charm to the imagery. The campaign captures the essence of summertime adventures, with a cast of young, carefree revelers adorned in iconic Burberry check, diving off sailboats and basking along the shoreline. The juxtaposition of the classic Burberry pattern against the backdrop of sun, sand, and sea creates a visually striking and alluring ambiance.

Accompanying the campaign is a mesmerizing short film that further enhances the immersive experience. Shot through an antique film lens, the video transports viewers into a realm of dreamy nostalgia. The cinematography highlights the idyllic scenery while creating an atmosphere of wanderlust and desire. Complemented by an atmospheric electronic soundtrack, the film elevates the mood and amplifies the sensual allure of the collection.

Daniel Lee, Burberry's innovative creative director, continues to make his mark with each new collection and campaign. While the debut collection may have elicited mixed reviews, Lee's creative vision shines through the campaigns, leaving us confident in the brand's strong direction. The swimwear campaign for Summer 2023 seamlessly blends the brand's rich heritage with a contemporary twist, creating an enticing and captivating aesthetic that resonates with the modern audience.


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