Dior Gris Spring 2023 Campaign

Dior Gris Spring 2023 Campaign

Dior Gris Spring 2023 campaign ad featuring Jenna Ortega, Maya Hawke, Thuso Mbedu, Liu Yu Xin, Orelsan, Fai Khadra, and Joseph Quinn (Models) by Mikael Jansson (Photographer).

Dior has unveiled its latest campaign for the Spring 2023 season, celebrating the unisex fragrance, Dior Gris, with a diverse and dynamic cast of next-gen talent. The campaign, featuring photography by Mikael Jansson and film direction by Bardia Zeinali, showcases the house's iconic gray color palette, which is the inspiration behind the fragrance's name, along with soft purple accents representing the scent itself.

The campaign stars an international ensemble cast of actors, musicians, and models, including Jenna Ortega, Maya Hawke, Thuso Mbedu, Joseph Quinn, Liu Yuxin, Orelsan, and Fai Khadra. This casting choice reflects Dior's commitment to inclusivity and diversity, as the younger generation continues to challenge gender binaries and push for more inclusive expressions in fashion, fragrance, and beyond.

Jansson's portraits of the cast members are sleek and stylish, capturing the essence of each individual while unifying them with the signature Dior gray color palette. Soft purple accents add a touch of mystique and allure, drawing inspiration from the fragrance itself. The styling further supports the distinct personalities of each cast member, showcasing their unique character.

Zeinali's accompanying short film for the campaign amplifies the message of personal voice and self-expression. The cast members are seen riffing on the campaign's tagline, "Dare in Gris," reflecting on the importance of taking risks and accepting oneself. The futuristic production and energetic soundtrack create a dynamic and engaging visual experience, further reinforcing the youthful energy and artistry embodied by the fragrance.

In addition to the campaign, Dior is also hosting a special pop-up gallery in Los Angeles, featuring the work of five visual artists through specially commissioned installations. This artistic collaboration extends the positioning of Dior Gris as a fragrance that embodies artistry, creativity, and youthful spirit.

With its celebration of next-gen talent, diverse casting, and artistic collaborations, Dior's Spring 2023 campaign for Dior Gris fragrance encapsulates the brand's commitment to inclusivity, innovation, and self-expression. The campaign invites individuals to embrace their unique voices and dare to be themselves, while highlighting the beauty and versatility of the color gray in the world of fashion and fragrance.


Videos for Dior Gris Spring 2023 Campaign.

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