Dior Pre-Fall 2023-24 Campaign

Dior Pre-Fall 2023-24 Campaign

Dior Fall Winter 2023-2024 campaign featuring Swati Eck, Nandini Malwade, Catarina Guedes, Lineisy Montero, Eleonore Ghiuritan, Maryel Uchida (Models), Viviane Sassen (Photographer), Elin Svahn (Wardrobe Stylist), Peter Philips (Makeup Artist), Damien Boissinot (Hair Stylist), Fabien Baron, Maria Grazia Chiuri (Creative Directors).

Dior's Fall 2023 campaign takes viewers on a journey through India's history of craftsmanship and beauty, specifically highlighting the city of Udaipur. The campaign celebrates the brand's latest collection, which was debuted during a show in Mumbai that celebrated a cross-continental dialogue of fashion craft.

The Udaipur campaign, featuring creative direction by Fabien Baron and photography by Viviane Sassen, showcases the city's lavish complex of royal palaces and serene Lake Pichola. Sassen's impeccable compositions frame the palace's gorgeous courtyards, sculptures, and ornate architectural motifs, with light streaming between pillars or through intricate windows, cascading across the scintillating fabrics of the collection. The models take on a statuesque appearance, overlooking the blue lake that stretches out to distant mountains under an endless, cloudless sky.

The short film accompanying the campaign showcases the richly crafted fabrics and embroidery details in motion, interacting with light and wind. However, the film's decision to opt for a sweeping and cinematic string quartet score misses an opportunity to dive into the plurality of amazing music that India's vast and rich cultural history has to offer.


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