Gucci Summer 2023 Campaign

Gucci Summer 2023 Campaign

Gucci Summer 2023 campaign ad with Wen Qi, Daniel Zhou (Models), Leslie Zhang (Photographer), Tin Seoi (Creative Director).

Breaking away from the traditional seasonal collection format, the campaign showcases a curated selection of the brand's offerings with a focus on floral motifs and a whimsical spirit, perfectly embodying the essence of summer romance. Directed by Tin Seoi and photographed by Leslie Zhang, the campaign brings together a talented team, including art directors Kevin Tekinel and Charles Levai, to create a visual storytelling masterpiece. Taiwanese actor Wen Qi and Chinese singer Daniel Zhou star as the lead characters, portraying a young couple deeply in love amidst a picturesque field of lush grass. This article explores the unique approach Gucci takes in telling its story and the brand's continued commitment to embracing creative narratives in today's ever-changing media landscape.

At the heart of Gucci's Summer 2023 campaign lies the narrative of endless summer love. The setting of an abundant and vibrant grass field serves as a powerful symbol of timelessness and freedom that accompany budding romance. As the couple, portrayed by Wen Qi and Daniel Zhou, explore their love in this dreamlike environment, viewers are transported into a world of enchantment and joy.

The campaign seamlessly combines a vintage charm with a contemporary twist, a signature style of Gucci's Creative Director, Alessandro Michele. The art directors Kevin Tekinel and Charles Levai bring their creative vision to life, infusing the campaign with whimsy and beauty. This aesthetic choice is further accentuated by the apt soundtrack, Donna Lewis' "I Love You Always Forever," which strikes a perfect balance between campy and cool. The song complements the overall vibe of the campaign and enhances the feelings of nostalgia and romanticism.

A notable departure from the norm, the Gucci Summer 2023 campaign does not focus on a specific seasonal collection or capsule. Instead, it curates a selection of staple pieces that resonate with the campaign's narrative. The campaign places emphasis on floral motifs and offers fresh updates to classic accessories such as the Diana and Dionysus bags and the Horsebit loafer. This approach highlights Gucci's versatility and reaffirms its position as a brand that values storytelling and artistic expression over mere product promotion.


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