Gucci Summer Stories 2023 Campaign

Gucci Summer Stories 2023 Campaign

Gucci Summer Stories 2023 campaign Sora Choi, Adarsh Jaikarran, Aivita Mūze, Indira Scott, Kevon Adonis Gyamfi, Pierce Abernathy (Models), Harley Weir (Photographer), Mel Ottenberg (Wardrobe Stylist), Diane Kendal (Makeup Artist), Mustafa Yanaz (Hair Stylist).

Gucci, invites us to embark on a journey of carefree relaxation and summertime indulgence with its latest campaign, "Gucci Summer Stories 2023." This vibrant and energetic campaign, artfully directed by Kevin Tekinel and Charles Levai, and captured by the talented photographer Harley Weir, reimagines classic Gucci pieces and design motifs with a textural language inspired by the essence of summer.

The Summer Stories capsule collection breathes new life into Gucci's timeless pieces, incorporating the textural elements of summer relaxation. By employing techniques such as woven raffia and embracing vibrant colors and graphic patterns, the collection encapsulates the joyous spirit of the season. These design choices infuse the garments and accessories with a distinct summertime appeal, adding a sense of playfulness and carefree elegance.

Harley Weir's photography skillfully captures an eclectic cast as they revel in moments of opulent relaxation and energetic indulgence. Whether lounging poolside or exploring the beach, the campaign portrays a diverse group of individuals immersed in the blissful ambiance of summer. The layout of the campaign thoughtfully combines detailed shots of the capsule's accessories with vibrant portraits, effectively highlighting both the collection's design characteristics and the carefree atmosphere it aims to evoke.

The heart of the "Gucci Summer Stories 2023" campaign lies in its accompanying short film, also directed by Harley Weir. The film enriches the sunny serenity of the campaign, immersing viewers in lush visual details that embody the essence of summer. Weir pays delicate attention to capturing the glint of sunlight off rippling water, the gentle movement of fabric in the breeze, and the mesmerizing interplay of light and shadow. Accompanied by a captivating soundtrack that blends ambient sounds of water and birds with The Strokes' evocative track "I'll Try Anything Once," the film encapsulates a gentle and joyful mood. Through its skillful fusion of iconic design motifs, vibrant colors, and the sun-soaked atmosphere of summer, Gucci invites us to embrace the spirit of carefree indulgence and bask in the delight of the season.


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