Jacquemus Spring Summer 2023 Campaign

Jacquemus Spring Summer 2023 Campaign

Jacquemus Spring Summer 2023 campaign featuring Vittoria Ceretti, Hedi Ben Tekaya (Models), Oliver Hadlee Pearch (Photographer), Ursina Gysi (Wardrobe Stylist), Vanessa Bellini (Makeup Artist), Ramona Eschbach (Hair Stylist).

Jacquemus radiates luxurious summertime vibes in its new Spring 2023 campaign by photographer Oliver Hadlee pearch. in its latest Spring 2023 campaign, fashion powerhouse jacquemus effortlessly emanates a sense of opulence and vitality synonymous with the summer season. renowned photographer Oliver hadlee pearch skillfully captures the essence of the brand's trendy-chic approach through a lens that exudes the spirit of summer. the campaign features the iconic model Vittoria Ceretti, who perfectly embodies jacquemus' distinctive modus operandi, bathed in the hues of a sun-drenched summer.

The visual imagery reflects a focused yet lavish color palette, with solid and sheer blacks accentuated by vibrant pops of yellow and gold. This deliberate choice of colors resonates throughout the campaign, as Ceretti is beautifully portrayed in one of the charming resort towns along the picturesque Italian Riviera, which served as the collection's primary source of inspiration. The backdrop of opulent terraces overlooking the town, verdant courtyards, and elegant interiors, all bathed in the soft glow of golden-hour lighting, weaves together a narrative that evokes an elevated summer getaway.

By incorporating rich textures and captivating colors, Jacquemus effectively captures the essence of indulgent, sun-kissed luxury. The campaign effortlessly weaves a story that celebrates the anticipation of summer travels, providing a quintessentially Jacquemus way to revel in the arrival of this vibrant season.

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