Miu Miu Holiday 2022 Campaign

Miu Miu Holiday 2022 Campaign

Miu Miu Holiday 2022 campaign with Esther McGregor, Mona Tougaard, You-mi Lee (Models), Tyrone Lebon (Photographer), Lotta Volkova, (Wardrobe Stylist), Lina Kutsovskaya (Creative Director).

The Miu Miu Holiday 2022 campaign is both a mirror of the time and a dreamscape, inward looking private but an outward looking reflection of innermost thoughts. The spaces the protagonists inhabit are their own. But where are they exactly? At once unmistakeably human but very slightly out of reach, it is left to our imagination to decide. The collection creations highlight that fashion is a uniform, there to serve, but also to enrich, so aspirational, bold, playful: a naked sandal with a glitter heel, a pliant ballerina scattered with gold; an iconic bag, big or small, in purest white, inkiest black or reflective; a soulful pearl nestling in a cradle of polished brass. In opposites and in the most intimate and private desires, unique and unrepeatable identity is revealed.


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