Miu Miu L'Été Collection 2023 Campaign

Miu Miu L'Été Collection 2023 Campaign

Miu Miu L’Été collection 2023 campaign collection shot by Guen Fiore (Photographer) with Lotta Volkova (Wardrobe Stylist), Miuccia Prada (Creative Director).

Miu Miu has launched a new capsule collection for Summer 2023 titled "L'Été," which explores the concept of stripped-down summer dressing. The brand's latest campaign features studio portraiture photography by Guen Fiore and a short film by Lucca Lutzky. The capsule collection features a contemporary wardrobe that is inspired by the subtly transgressive charm of underwear worn as outerwear, the precision of men's tailoring, and the ease of sportswear, all stripped to their essence, stripped bare.

The collection's airy neutral and nude color palette, combined with abbreviated outerwear proportions and staple wardrobe pieces that are stripped back to become sassy and captivating, creates a contemporary and fashion-forward look. Miu Miu's signature practice of rewriting layers of familiar fashion categories to create a new sort of expression is evident in this collection.

The accompanying short film, titled "Strangers Sharing Secrets," is a simple yet enthralling and intimate concept. The film shows pairs of eclectic young women whispering secrets into each other's ears, with the listener reacting with playful, captivated surprise. This concept draws us into the emotional space of hearing a stranger's secret while keeping us on the outside, as we cannot actually hear what is being said. The film's paradoxical dual effect invites us into an intimate emotional world while keeping its secrets to itself.


Videos for Miu Miu L'Été Collection 2023 Campaign.

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