Noiranca Cyberfemme 2022 Campaign

Noiranca Cyberfemme 2022 Campaign

Noiranca Cyberfemme 2022 campaign featuring five new bags: Althea, Frida, Georgia, Lisa and Miriam.

Reimagining handbag silhouettes with vegan leather, NOIRANCA strives to forge a direct line with women on aspects of empowerment, strength and diversity. With inspiration drawn from iconic women, NOIRANCA pushes societal boundaries into charting our rawest beauty. Employing eco-conscious standards and traditional craftsmanship onto vegan leather handbag designs, NOIRANCA is the sartorial fulcrum between eco and luxe—where its one-of-a-kind bags embrace women of all kinds.

Opening doors to the womanly delights and freedom, the new collection features five unique designs exploring new hues and silhouettes. Just as the debut collection, the new additions are inspired by Frida Kahlo, Miriam Makeba, Lisa Lyon, Althea Gibson and Georgia O’Keeffe, of which our designers encapsulate their stories onto the objects. FRIDA, for example, boasts a hard-and-soft design inspired by the dogged determination of the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, whereas the two-way moldable silhouette of MIRIAM resonates her multi-hyphenate talent in music, acting and political advocacy. With rich profundity embedded in each design, the new collection encourages women of all kinds to write their own stories that inspire generations after generations.

Alongside the launch of the new collection is the campaign Cyberfemme, bringing the bags alive with futuristic visuals. Cyberfemme is a continuation to the pre-emptive concept Cyberfeminism, which sprang up in the 1990s. The term is emblazoned with a rebellious blast of creativity, where females identified as cyberfeminists fight against digital patriarchy in unison. Their collective defiance blossomed through being undefined, which very much so echoes with NOIRANCA’s vision in femininity – forever limitless. Given digital patriarchy only has spiraled aided by social media, where women being attacked with vitriol is a norm at large, Cyberfemme therefore endeavors to deliver a resurgence of Cyberfeminism with the new streamlined designs, done up in PETA-Approved vegan leather. It is a wakeup call for all. NOIRANCA desires different: a different bag, a different leather, and a different story. Designing handbags that take on unique forms that are never seen before, our collection embodies the sensibility of empowerment, diversity and femininity. Seeing earth as our culture, NOIRANCA strives to minimize carbon footprint as well as the harm imposed on our nature. We therefore have adopted a different leather that is more ethical. Handcrafting our handbags with PETA-Approved vegan leather that is made up with 58% recycled materials, we are not only saving animals, but also a step closer to a greener planet.

Inclusivity is of paramount importance in the journey of women empowerment, the bigger the community, the larger the impact. NOIRANCA offers a platform where women’s stories could be heard, and further inspire. With the thrust to free women out of gender norms and societal constraints, NOIRANCA hereby welcomes features or collaboration, as we believe firmly in the power of togetherness.

Shop NOIRANCA bags and the new Cyberfemme collection at NOIRANCA official website.

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