Vogue Netherlands September 2023 Cover Story Editorial

Vogue Netherlands September 2023 Cover Story Editorial

Vogue Netherlands September 2023 cover story editorial with Felice Nova Noordhoff (Model), Luigi Murenu, Iango Henzi (Photographers), Michael Philouze (Wardrobe Stylist), Georgi Sandev (Makeup Artist), Luigi Murenu (Hair Stylist).

Vogue Netherlands Magazine's latest September 2023 edition presents a captivating visual spectacle with none other than Felice Nova Noordhoff, adorning the cover. The lensmanship of renowned fashion photography duo Luigi & Iango at 2b Management brings forth a stunning portrayal of this top model. Complementing her allure is the meticulous styling by Michael Philouze, orchestrated under the guidance of fashion director Linda Gumus Gerritsen. The masterful production touches are credited to Leah Zonneveld, adding a further layer of sophistication to the editorial. The beauty aspect is impeccably handled by the talented hair stylist Gonn Kinoshita and makeup artist Georgi Sandev, crafting Felice's flawless and mesmerizing look.

In this edition, Vogue Netherlands celebrates the dawn of a new fashion season with the enchanting presence of Dutch supermodel Felice Nova Noordhoff gracing its cover. Felice's remarkable journey in the fashion world boasts an impressive portfolio, including 36 appearances on the Chanel runway, leading roles in campaigns for esteemed brands like Tom Ford and Versace, and a seamless engagement in an impressive 20 shows per season. Undeniably, Felice has etched her name as an irreplaceable figure on the global catwalk, crisscrossing continents for photoshoots, runway displays, and promotional ventures.

From her early years, Felice's destiny as a modeling sensation was discernible. Agencies recognized her potential when she was a mere fourteen years old, with several scouts vying to represent her. Once she signed the dotted line, her trajectory was set. A trip to New York saw her starring alongside luminaries like Gigi Hadid and the illustrious Dutch supermodel Rianne van Rompaey in a memorable campaign. However, her breakthrough moment arrived shortly thereafter, in 2017, when she was exclusively selected to grace the Prada runway. This marked the pivotal point that sent her career into overdrive.

Felice's presence on the runway is nothing short of commanding. The vibrancy she brings to the world's top fashion weeks resonates across a diverse array of brands including Max Mara, Givenchy, Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, and many more. Notably, her association with Chanel has been particularly noteworthy, as she has adorned their runway more times than any other.

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