Alaïa Summer Fall 2024 Fashion Show

Alaïa Summer Fall 2024 Fashion Show

Alaïa Summer Fall 2024 collection fashion show 'La Robe Spirale' (January 24, 2024).


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Pieter Mulier's Fall Alaia show for Summer Fall 2024 left an indelible mark, both emotionally and intellectually, as his models gracefully traversed the mirrored floor of the Paris boutique. The collection showcased a mesmerizing fusion of spiraling, sculptural garments that sent waves of surprise through the audience. Mulier's innovative techniques, intricate drapes, and avant-garde silhouettes marked a departure from fashion norms, connecting the female form with a sophisticated mentality in a class of its own.

A defining thread ran through Mulier's collection, uniting the garments both technically and conceptually—merino wool. From the deconstructed knitwear with looped yarns that opened the show to the sculptural topiary-like coats and asymmetrical dresses, everything emanated from this singular material. Mulier's meticulous year-long collaboration with select suppliers resulted in a collection rooted in the simplicity of circles, showcasing the designer's technical brilliance and mathematical ingenuity.

Mulier, amidst the congratulations, articulated the essence of the collection—simplicity. The seemingly paradoxical description encapsulated the genius of his experimental approach. The departure from the va-va-voom aesthetic of previous seasons was intentional, capturing a sensuality that was less overtly sexualized but still profoundly evocative. Draped tops, minimalist skirts, and sarong-like dresses revealed an artful interplay of coverage and exposure, reflecting Mulier's desire to strike a delicate balance between modesty and sensuality.

In this collection, Mulier navigated a creative territory of his own, moving beyond the tension and difficulty of paying homage to Azzedine Alaia's storied archive. While saluting Alaia's style with polka-dot patterns, woolen puffs on glove-gauntlets, denim in curviform jeans, and jacquard animal patterns, Mulier showcased his ability to fly by his own lights. The garments seamlessly merged tradition with modernity, marking a pivotal moment in Mulier's journey as he charted new heights for the Alaia legacy.

Mulier's evolution in this collection demonstrated a departure from the past, presenting an Alaia woman with an exceptionally-designed wardrobe for the contemporary world. The intricate details, mathematical precision, and masterful use of merino wool underscored Mulier's commitment to innovation, paving the way for a new chapter in the iconic Alaia fashion narrative.


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