Alberta Ferretti Fall Winter 2024-25 Fashion Show

Alberta Ferretti Fall Winter 2024-25 Fashion Show

Alberta Ferretti Fall Winter 2024-2025 collection fashion show at Milano Fashion Week FW24 (February 21, 2024).


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Alberta Ferretti's Fall Winter 2024-2025 ready-to-wear collection, showcased at Milan Fashion Week, was a masterful blend of feminine allure and tailored sophistication. Known for her ethereal chiffon gowns, Ferretti surprised audiences by also incorporating a range of tailored day looks, demonstrating her versatility as a designer.

While chiffon gowns remain a hallmark of Ferretti's aesthetic, this season saw a deliberate juxtaposition of feminine and masculine elements. The runway was graced with exquisite tweed pantsuits and impeccably tailored coats, reflecting Ferretti's pragmatic approach to fashion.

Ferretti artfully played with contrasts, as seen in a pin-striped suit adorned with delicate gold threads. However, the designer emphasized the importance of individual interpretation, encouraging her customers to style the looks according to their own preferences rather than adhering to prescribed norms.

Embellishment was a key theme throughout the collection, with sequins, golden coin-like details, and metallic accents adding a touch of glamour to each ensemble. From sparkly knee-length skirts paired with shearling biker jackets to feather-light column dresses adorned with trompe l’oeil motifs, Ferretti's designs exuded a sense of effortless elegance.

The evening gowns were particularly noteworthy, ranging from boudoir-inspired slipdresses embroidered with lace to intricately crafted pieces featuring mesmerizing details. Ferretti's creations reaffirmed her status as a coveted designer for red carpet events and social soirées, attracting attention from celebrities and fashion insiders alike.

Eva Herzigova and Ashley Graham were among the notable figures spotted in the front row, showcasing Ferretti's widespread appeal and universal admiration within the industry. With a lineup that offered something for every occasion, Ferretti once again proved her ability to captivate audiences with her timeless yet contemporary designs.


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