Ashlyn Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Ashlyn Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Ashlyn Spring Summer 2024 collection fashion show at New York Fashion Week SS24 (September 13, 2023).

Ashlynn Park's venture into the Spring Summer 2024 collection subtly made its presence felt in the fashion arena, showcasing her remarkable craftsmanship and ability to create elegant, feminine pieces tailored for the modern-day woman. With a blend of creativity and sustainability, Park's latest collection left a lasting impression at this year's fashion show.

For this season, Park drew inspiration from puzzles, both in a literal and philosophical sense. She described her collection as an amalgamation of pieces from her collaborators, including her design team and interns. This collaborative approach allowed her to infuse various perspectives into her designs, resulting in a collection that truly stood out.

But it wasn't just the concept of collaboration that made Ashlyn Spring Summer 2024 unique. Park also integrated puzzles into her design process, adopting an eco-conscious approach by cutting fabrics into square shapes to minimize waste.

"Most other people, when they make fringe, they just cut it in a circle shape, so the outer sides would be wasted, but we found a way to cut a square in a bias cut so that we can fully use all of the fabric," Park explained. "It's sustainable, but I wanted to play this kind of quest and commission with some joy."

This innovative approach to fringe detailing played a significant role in some of Park's standout designs. Her collection featured peplum-like, pleated blazers, sleeveless dress shirts, and sheer blouses, offering a fresh and feminine perspective on modern workwear. These pieces not only embodied sophistication but also highlighted Park's commitment to sustainability in fashion.

In addition to her tailored creations, Park's draped silhouettes stole the spotlight. The grand finale look, a bridal-style white dress draped with multiple fabrics, paid homage to the puzzle inspiration, demonstrating Park's ability to merge tradition with innovation.

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