Balenciaga Pre-Fall 2024 Fashion Show

Balenciaga Pre-Fall 2024 Fashion Show

Balenciaga Pre-Fall 2024 collection fashion show in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California (December 2, 2023).

In a fashion spectacle that can only be described as surreal, Balenciaga's Pre-Fall 2024 show unfolded against the iconic backdrop of the Hollywood sign, marking Demna's deep homage to the city he reveres as his cultural crucible. The Georgian creative director expressed his sentiment, calling Los Angeles his "favorite city in the world," attributing much of his cultural evolution to the cinematic and musical influences he absorbed during his teenage years.

Balenciaga's gothic entourage, dressed predominantly in black, created a striking contrast against the manicured backdrop of Windsor Boulevard in Hancock Park, as if attending a funeral in sunny Transylvania or stepping into a vibrant Technicolor Tim Burton movie. This marked the brand's second destination show in the US, following last year's presentation at the New York Stock Exchange.

The collection itself reflected the eclectic spirit of LA, seamlessly blending exercise wear, gym bags, and futuristic sneakers with Y2K-inspired velour jumpsuits and high-heeled shearling boots. The juxtaposition of styles, from the era of Steven Meisel's Hollywood shoot to the present Erewhon smoothie-carrying stars, captured the evolution of both fashion and the city.

Speaking of Erewhon, Balenciaga collaborated with the LA grocer on a juice timed for the event, featuring activated charcoal powder to match the show's predominant black aesthetic. Demna humorously confessed, "I don’t know what’s in it; I just wanted it to be black."

The influence of LA's wellness culture resonated throughout the show, with a satirical nod evident in the powerful soundtrack created by Demna's partner, BFRND. Despite dismissing claims of irony, the collection featured a comically perverse paper grocery bag made in leather, highlighting the contradiction within LA's extreme inequalities.

The eveningwear segment of the show exuded Hollywood glamour, with dresses paying a respectful nod to Cristobal Balenciaga. A white wedding gown, with a funnel neck extending just below the model's eyes, and post-coital bed sheet-inspired dresses showcased Demna's penchant for drama and elegance.

Despite the opulence of the surroundings in LA, Demna did not turn a blind eye to the city's social disparities, emphasizing that his love for Los Angeles goes beyond its surface glamour. This juxtaposition of beauty and inequality was a theme that ran deep in Balenciaga's Hollywood odyssey.

As Balenciaga takes its Hollywood close-up, Demna's profound appreciation for LA's cultural impact on him and the world is evident. The fall 2024 collection not only pays homage to the diverse facets of the city but also serves as a narrative of Demna's own journey from a post-Soviet vacuum to a fashion powerhouse influenced by the surreal beauty of Los Angeles.


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