Balmain Fall Winter 2024-25 Men Fashion Show

Balmain Fall Winter 2024-25 Men Fashion Show

Balmain Fall Winter 2024-2025 Menswear collection fashion show at Paris Men Fashion Week FW24 (January 20, 2024).


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In a resplendent display of opulence and unabashed maximalism, Olivier Rousteing, the visionary creative force behind Balmain, unveiled the much-anticipated Fall Winter 2024-2025 Menswear Collection. After a four-year hiatus from a full menswear show, Rousteing left an indelible mark on the fashion landscape, showcasing his exuberant aesthetic and pushing the boundaries of luxury. Underneath the glittering lights, the runway came alive with intricate techniques, extravagant embellishments, and an unapologetic celebration of individuality.

The spectacle began with an AI-generated face transposed onto a crystal topcoat, setting the stage for the extraordinary journey that awaited the audience. Olivier Rousteing, never one to shy away from bold statements, emphasized, "I'm not a quiet man." This sentiment reverberated throughout the entire collection, as he embarked on a mission to redefine luxury with a flamboyant flourish.

In a playful nod to his own iconic features, Rousteing incorporated lips as a central motif throughout the collection. Lip cummerbunds, brooches, jacquard suiting, and monochrome prints adorned bombers and shirts, creating a top-to-bottom riposte that reclaimed the narrative surrounding his distinctive lips. The designer embraced the gossip, delivering a collection that was both a statement and a celebration.

Transitioning seamlessly, the collection paid homage to Congo's sapeurs, whose sartorial commandments include subduing the non-knowers, the ignorant, and the aimless talkers. Rousteing responded with powerfully shouldered and high-waisted silhouettes, featuring full-wattage color mixes that radiated confidence and sophistication. This segment showcased Balmain's commitment to cultural influences and storytelling through fashion.

The designer showcased collaborative masterpieces with artists Prince Gyasi and Ibby Njoya. Gyasi's captivating images were reproduced on garments, transforming them into wearable art. Another collaboration with Njoya turned suitcases and tiny hard cases into highly lovable luggage, demonstrating the fusion of fashion and artistry.

A key achievement in the suite of tailoring was an inverted tulip-hemmed coat with layers of white cashmere arranged to form an eye. This meticulous attention to detail and precision in draping highlighted the brand's commitment to craftsmanship and beauty. The collection also featured a gold ensemble, complete with face sculptures, chains, a briefcase, and a helmet for those moments when discretion is the ultimate luxury.

The show concluded with the iconic Naomi Campbell gracing the runway in a surrealist belt fastened with two hands clasped around a golden bouquet of flowers. Wearing a beige cashmere jacket, this marked Rousteing's nod to "quiet luxury." However, as he proudly pointed out, Balmain's revenue skyrocketed under his stewardship, and he has no intentions of being quiet now.


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