Balmain Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Balmain Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Balmain Spring Summer 2024 collection fashion show at Paris Fashion Week SS24 (September 27, 2023).


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Despite facing the setback of having to remake 70 percent of the collection in record time due to a carjacking incident involving the original pieces en route from Charles de Gaulle airport, Oliver Rousteing of Balmain exuded energy and eloquence. Draped in a majorly-shouldered Balmain jacket and sporting epic new braids, Rousteing radiated enthusiasm and positivity.

He described the essence of the collection as his desire to ensure that Balmain remains a French luxury house. He pondered the question of what it means to be French and began to answer it through his designs. Tailoring was at the forefront, featuring the brand's iconic angular, gold-buttoned blazers and impeccably cut dresses with feminine detailing at the hips, reminiscent of Balmain's 1990s and 1950s couture output. Models carried chain-strapped conical bags filled with what appeared to be patent leather roses in black.

The vibrant color story continued with green blazers paired with mid-thigh pink ruffle skirts and strapless silk dresses adorned with ruffles in peach or topped with blue bodices embellished with metal branches and enamel roses.

Rousteing drew inspiration from Gertrude Stein's quote, "Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose," as he explored roses in various forms throughout the collection. They appeared as gathered fabric on a long red silk dress, bloomed on a patent leather coat, and sprouted from necklines in semi-transparent recycled plastic. Intricate embroidered roses, a signature of early-Rousteing Balmain, also made an appearance.

The collection represented Rousteing's vision of "French luxury" in an array of women's fashion styles, from chic and gamine to bourgeois and boho. He emphasized that the Balmain rose is not just romantic but also symbolizes toughness and strength. The collection was a vibrant blend of love, color, happiness, joy, and a touch of torment.

Set to a Björk soundtrack, Rousteing's Balmain collection was an exhilarating showcase of punchy, humorous, and emotional designs that embodied various moods and social sensations, making a bold statement in the world of fashion.


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