Bora Aksu Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Bora Aksu Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Bora Aksu Spring Summer 2024 collection fashion show at London Fashion Week SS24 (September 15, 2023).


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Bora Aksu's Spring Summer 2024 fashion presentation transported fashion connoisseurs on a contemplative journey back to the designer's origins. Set amidst the picturesque gardens of the venerable Goodenough College, this event served as a dignified homage to Aksu's Turkish heritage and the indelible imprints of his formative years. These profound influences were masterfully interwoven into a fabric of exquisite elegance.

Aksu, celebrated for his adept infusion of quintessential English whimsy into his collections, divulged that this season's creative genesis was profoundly stimulated by his recent sojourn in Istanbul. There, he earnestly reconnected with his Turkish roots, recognizing the intrinsic importance of revisiting one's cultural heritage. "I was compelled to return to my cultural roots for this collection," he articulated, underscoring the value of such reconnection. "One's perspective is fundamentally altered when viewed from a distance," he reflected, acknowledging how the lens of distance can yield fresh insights into one's cultural essence.

Childhood memories played a pivotal role in shaping the Spring Summer 2024 collection. Aksu fondly recalled his mother's knitting sessions as he sat by her side, his grandmother's crochet expertise, and the influence they had on him. Surprisingly, even his mother's unfinished blankets contributed to the collection, as they were upcycled into fez hats, adding a unique and personal touch.

The collection delved even further into Aksu's heritage by paying homage to the opulent textiles of the Ottoman Empire. Silk gowns in delicate duck egg blue and dusty pink were adorned with intricate floral motifs, reminiscent of the sumptuous fabrics of the era. Additionally, Aksu reimagined the hand-painted patterns found on Iznik tiles, transposing them onto layers of ethereal tulle and organza.

Bora Aksu's signature elements were woven seamlessly into the collection: lacy trims, crochet details, babydoll silhouettes, Peter Pan collars, and an abundance of bows. However, what truly set this collection apart was the infusion of Turkish influences, particularly in the black and gold embroidered trims that adorned the hems of select pieces towards the end of the show. These moody and evocative looks demonstrated Aksu's ability to strike a sentimental chord without crossing into saccharine territory.


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