Boss Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Boss Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Boss Spring Summer 2024 collection fashion show at Milano Fashion Week SS24 (September 22, 2023).

The Boss Spring Summer 2024 show, a part of the brand's see-now-buy-now approach, delved into the symbolism of office cubicles and workplace attire, offering a thought-provoking exploration of work culture and power dynamics.

The runway presentation unfolded in a futuristic office space, aptly named Techtopia, adorned with science lab booths, conference rooms, and workstations. The expansive venue was bathed in a medical-scrub-mint green palette, providing a striking backdrop for the show's thought-provoking themes.

The crowd, understandably captivated by the innovative setting, was further enthralled by the presence of Sophia, a humanoid robot dressed in a pinstriped Boss suit, which made it a bit challenging for security personnel to manage the excited guests.

Despite the slight delay in the show's commencement, the collection itself was a testament to neatness, intelligence, and undeniable handsomeness.

Creative director Marco Falcioni revealed that the concept for the show was conceived during his flight back from the previous season's Boss show in Miami. He drew inspiration from the film "Being John Malkovich," which vividly depicted the macabre nature of office spaces and attire, often seen as oppressive. Falcioni's aim was to challenge this narrative and instead empower and include people.

The collection referenced sartorial tropes from the '90s, drawing from the Boss archives while subverting traditional notions of power and uniforms. Key highlights included asymmetrical lapels on pinstriped skirtsuits, drape-y blouses for women, pristine cotton shirts paired with puffy oversleeves for men, and polished briefcases of varying sizes and shapes, each featuring misplaced locks. The addition of zippers running along the spine of charcoal grey and muddy brown suits injected a mischievous flair, while pointy shoes added an unconventional touch.

The lineup also featured croc-embossed ladylike pencil skirts and power-shouldered velvety or furry coats, amplifying the '90s c-suite aesthetic. This collection marked Falcioni's third exploration of the suit, a signature element for the German brand, and it was undoubtedly his most accomplished endeavor yet.


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