Burberry Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Burberry Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Burberry Spring Summer 2024 collection fashion show at London Fashion Week SS24 (September 18, 2023).


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In the dynamic world of fashion, change is the only constant. Daniel Lee, the creative genius behind Burberry, understands this all too well. As he embarks on his sophomore effort, Lee is not just staging a fashion show; he's rewriting the rules and reshaping the future of the iconic British brand. With a vision that transcends the runway, Lee's Burberry Spring/Summer 2024 collection promises to redefine luxury, infusing classicism with modernity while introducing hero products aimed at propelling Burberry to new heights in the fashion industry.

Building Hero Products for the Long Term - If last season was a dazzling debut characterized by bold colors, intricate patterns, and fresh bag designs, Spring Summer 2024 is a return to the drawing board for Daniel Lee. His primary goal? To create hero products that will anchor Burberry's offerings and contribute to a long-term goal of generating £5 billion in revenue. The pressure is on, but Lee is no stranger to success, especially when it comes to accessories.

Silver and Gold: A Touch of Luxury - Lee's collection is a testament to his refined approach and unwavering focus. It brims with silver and gold accessories, exuding a motorcyclist's swagger and hints of medieval heraldry with a commercial appeal. While there are moments of British eccentricity, Lee emphasizes the importance of grounding Burberry in classicism. The collection isn't just about the runway; it's about how these designs will resonate on the shop floor and in e-commerce.

Expanding Beyond the Trench - Burberry is renowned for its iconic trench coat and exquisite scarves, but Lee recognizes the need for expansion. He acknowledges the absence of standout ready-to-wear pieces outside of the trench and accessories, and he's excited about the journey ahead. Lee aims to build a brand that offers a diverse range of fashion items, a task he finds incredibly thrilling.

Fluidity and Femininity - Lee's Spring Summer 2024 collection is fluid and feminine, offering an easy-to-understand aesthetic that embraces lightness and calm. It's a collection that reflects what people desire from the Burberry brand, a blend of luxury and wearability. Lee's commitment to quality is evident, with silk and special yarns enhancing Burberry's signature gabardine trenches.

A Fresh Vocabulary - The collection is tighter and more focused than previous seasons, signaling Lee's intent to build Burberry's vocabulary. A chain print, inspired by the brand's bag hardware, adorns silk shirts, trenches, dresses, and scarves. Lee resurrects the Equestrian Knight, an archival emblem, and reimagines it in bright blue as the new Shield bag's defining feature.

Sporty Heritage Meets Modernity - Lee pays homage to Burberry's sporty heritage with moto-inspired designs, including a new trench style with a wide, low-slung belt, an ice-white leather biker jacket, and asymmetric dresses adorned with zigzagging zipper details. British heritage is woven into the collection, with fruit and flower prints, such as blue strawberries and cherries, adding a playful touch.

Shoes Stealing the Spotlight - In true Daniel Lee fashion, the shoes are captivating. From psychedelic sparkly mules to tall silvery sandals with leafy embellishments and '70s-style slip-ons for men, Burberry's footwear collection promises to make a statement.

A Global Presence - Burberry is set to conquer the world with its immersive Burberry Streets initiative, taking the Equestrian Knight emblem to Seoul, Shanghai, and New York. It's a testament to Burberry's global appeal and Lee's ambition to expand the brand's presence beyond borders.


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