CFCL Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

CFCL Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

CFCL Spring Summer 2024 collection fashion show at Paris Fashion Week SS24 (September 26, 2023).

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Backstage, Makeup and Hairstyles for CFCL Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show.


Yusuke Takahashi, the designer behind CFCL, envisioned a future characterized by sweltering weather and the widespread adoption of AI technology. In this speculative future, he sought to address the challenges of staying comfortable and stylish during extreme heat while emphasizing the enduring role of human creativity.

Takahashi, known for his expertise in knitwear, recognized the significance of AI and technology but believed that humans would continue to play a crucial role in creativity. He acknowledged the need to rethink summer clothing in light of the changing climate, where traditional clothing norms might no longer be suitable.

The collection he presented for CFCL's spring collection aimed to offer solutions for a warmer future. He focused on lightweight layers and gauzy textures to combat the heat. Despite the emphasis on knitwear, the designs encompassed a range of styles, including roomy blousons, trousers with ruffle hems, and long sundresses with and without sleeves. The choice of knitted materials was driven by their comfort and ability to flatter a variety of body shapes.

While the silhouettes appeared to be classic staples, Takahashi introduced contrast through various knit stitches. These techniques created visual effects such as stripes, fluffy textures, and gradual transparency, transforming one voluminous gown from monastic to fantastic.

Metallic yarn played a significant role in symbolizing a forward-looking perspective, adding shimmer and shine to the garments based on the yarn's gauge. Additionally, the collection challenged traditional boundaries of fashion, with Takahashi suggesting that considerations like gender divisions might become less relevant in the future.

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