Coach Fall Winter 2024-25 Fashion Show

Coach Fall Winter 2024-25 Fashion Show

Coach Fall Winter 2024-2025 collection fashion show at New York Fashion Week FW24 (February 12, 2024).


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Stuart Vevers, marking his remarkable tenure at Coach, unveiled a Fall Winter 2024-2025 collection that defied conventions and embraced a newfound sense of purpose. In a fashion landscape marred by economic challenges, Vevers showcased a bold commitment to sustainability, infusing his designs with creativity, responsibility, and a palpable sense of urgency.

Vevers' dedication to sustainability was evident from the outset, with a pledge to integrate recycling, upcycling, and reevaluation into Coach's design ethos. This commitment represented a departure from conventional norms, eschewing hyper-glossy perfection in favor of authenticity and innovation. Embracing experimentation without fear, Vevers pushed creative boundaries, exploring the beauty of the found and the imperfect.

The Fall collection exuded a spirited celebration of the worn and the weathered, transcending gender boundaries with its eclectic charm. Weathered coats, slouchy and oversized, bore the marks of lived-in authenticity, while distressed denims, intricately patched together from thrifted fragments, told stories of different life cycles. Aviator jackets, sourced from vintage origins, were reimagined into stunning barn jackets, adorned with a rich patina of age.

Vevers' penchant for reinvention was showcased in his evening looks, where taffeta dresses were artfully transformed into tops, adorned with bows and spangles. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant aesthetics of the '80s and '90s New York, the collection exuded a nostalgic charm, reinterpreted through a contemporary lens of inclusivity and self-expression.

The accessories, a hallmark of Coach's identity, captured the essence of urban nostalgia with whimsical embellishments like yellow cabs and the Statue of Liberty. Amidst the slightly distressed leather of shoulder totes and purses hung from chains, Vevers conveyed a narrative of longevity and sustainability, challenging the notion of fashion as inherently disposable.

Beyond the tangible aspects of design, Vevers' vision for Coach transcended mere aesthetics, signaling a shift away from outdated notions of aspiration and luxury. Instead, he championed individuality and self-expression, embracing imperfection and celebrating the inherent beauty of authenticity.


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