Colin Locascio Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Colin Locascio Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Colin Locascio Spring Summer 2024 collection fashion show at New York Fashion Week SS24 (September 10, 2023).

The catalyst for this captivating collection was a fully stocked fish tank presented by his godfather. LoCascio fondly recalled the significance of this gift, stating, "It inspired a curiosity in fish, underwater and the unknown and this mystery to it while also these super-saturated fluorescent colors and textures and surfaces. So that was the jumping-off point for the collection."

Sequins, Florals, and Denim: The Artistry of LoCascio - Colin LoCascio's creative journey took shape by combining the allure of the underwater world with his affection for Y2K nostalgia, resulting in a diverse and skillfully crafted collection. A standout feature of the collection was the artistry displayed in knitwear, denim, and the intricate floral and sequined beading that adorned many key pieces. Sequined styles took center stage, including a striking purple beaded dress embellished with a three-dimensional dolphin, a short minidress adorned with pink sequins and multicolored floral appliqué, and a fringe-detailed patchwork-like dress.

LoCascio's designs masterfully blended a Gen Z-oriented, Y2K aesthetic with a touch of elevated sophistication, avoiding the pitfalls of being overly trendy. The collection's aesthetic was further accentuated by the inclusion of knitwear separates, featuring vibrant shades of yellow and turquoise, providing a balanced counterpart to the more exuberant party dresses.

A Sentimental Journey - In LoCascio's own words, "There’s just something so rich about going back to your childhood with all of these memories, emotions and excitement and just being young and trying to inject it into the clothes." His sentimental nature shone through as he channeled cherished memories into the essence of the collection. The result was a tapestry of fashion that not only celebrated his own journey but also invited wearers to embark on a nostalgic exploration of their own.

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