Coperni Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Coperni Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Coperni Spring Summer 2024 collection fashion show at Paris Fashion Week SS24 (September 29, 2023).


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S├ębastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant, the dynamic duo behind Coperni, have established themselves as fashion's sonic pioneers, seamlessly merging the allure of technology with contemporary and playful womenswear design. For their Spring Summer 2024 collection, they took us on an exhilarating journey into the world of sound, all set against the backdrop of IRCAM, the Institute for Research and Coordination in Acoustics/Music.

The show began with a burst of abstract noise that reverberated through the high-roofed hall at IRCAM. It was a mesmerizing spectacle as the insulated panels in the ceiling and walls started to move, rotating to manipulate the sound waves and direct them in different directions, creating an immersive auditory experience. The audience was captivated, raising their camera phones to capture the moment.

This captivating fanfare set the stage for a collection where the designers' inventiveness collided with both new and old technology, resulting in clothing that resonated with the intangible concept of sound. The infusion of technology was immediately evident as flat speakers by Transparent were seamlessly integrated into leather jackets, men's sleeveless T-shirts, and other pieces. Additionally, models sported small devices on their chests, known as AI Pins, produced by the startup Humane, promising to enable contextual and ambient computer interactions in the near future.

Among the technological novelties was the introduction of a Coperni sneaker, a unique fusion of soccer boots and loafers co-created with Puma, exemplifying the brand's commitment to innovation.

Meyer and Vaillant played with traditional garment elements, altering them to reflect their fascination with sound. Jacket lapels were reimagined, notched far lower than conventionally seen. Knitwear sleeves hung languidly below the wrist or were artfully knotted, creating an impression of stretching. This sense of elongation was influenced by the sound of fabric being manipulated, cleverly incorporated into the soundtrack composed by u.r.trax during a residency at IRCAM.

The sonic theme continued with garments adorned with zippers, the sound of which played a role in the abstract soundtrack. A sheer black dress featured meters of fine zipper ruffles across the neckline, while capri pants in denim and jersey were similarly hemmed. A white lace-detailed dress was adorned with 3D printed "flowers," generated through cymatic production, which involves bouncing particles on a plate subject to sound vibrations.

The iconic Coperni Swipe bag was reimagined as a Discman, blending nostalgia with modernity, and a metallic herringbone skirt aimed to replicate the casing of an old-school microphone.

The collection reached its crescendo when exploring older technologies. Vaillant noted that "the triangle is the smallest instrument and makes the loudest noise" in the orchestra, and this notion was translated into fashion. Triangles were cleverly inserted into the backs of jackets and the necks and waistlines of evening dresses, creating arresting silhouettes. Brass found its representation in a trumpet-bodiced dress, and the show concluded with a resounding black dress reminiscent of Anish Kapoor's sonic monument "Marsyas."

As the models took their final walks, the soundtrack fell silent, but the applause that filled the room when S├ębastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant appeared to bow spoke volumes. Coperni's Spring Summer 2024 collection had successfully transformed fashion into an immersive sensory experience, demonstrating once again the brand's innovation and creative prowess. Meyer and Vaillant have indeed taken the fashion world by storm, and their unique fusion of technology and design promises an exciting future for Coperni.

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