Dsquared2 Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Dsquared2 Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Dsquared2 Spring Summer 2024 collection fashion show 'D2 Naughty' (June 16, 2023).

The Dsquared2 Spring Summer 2024 fashion show took place in a penthouse overlooking Miami Beach, where designers Dean and Dan Caten showcased their irrepressible naughty and funny streak. With a backdrop featuring a pretend porn film scene and a moaning soundtrack, the Catens pushed boundaries and combined elements of steaminess, humor, and mash-ups in their collection. This article delves into the unconventional and provocative fashion show, highlighting the barely-there designs, playful humor, and memorable finale that left the audience in awe.

The fashion show set the tone with a penthouse overlooking Miami Beach, serving as the backdrop for a staged porn movie scene featuring Rocco Siffredi and Julia Fox on a four-poster bed. The Catens' mischievous and humorous nature was evident as they played with the contrasting themes of sexual versus proper, WASP-y country club versus raunchy, and elites meeting snobs. The unconventional setting and narrative created a steamy atmosphere and set the stage for the daring fashion collection.

True to their signature style, the Catens presented a collection that featured minimal body coverage and mash-ups of different styles. The models showcased preppy-golf-tennis wear hybridizations with plenty of exposed underwear for men and a series of provocative minidresses for women. The designs embraced an almost-in-a-state-of-undress aesthetic, each piece skimpier than the last. The collection aimed to blur the lines between traditional fashion and adult entertainment, all while injecting a sense of humor into the outfits.

The show reached its climax when Julia Fox emerged wearing a white lace babydoll, reminiscent of '90s porn star Cicciolina, with frills and ruches. However, the true showstopper was the finale, featuring Rocco Siffredi himself. Siffredi strutted down the catwalk, donning a blue blazer that he eventually opened to reveal a red T-shirt emblazoned with the acronym V.I.P.—Very Important Penis. The unexpected and audacious reveal brought the house down, eliciting laughter and applause from the audience. This bold and cheeky finale perfectly encapsulated the outrageous entertainment and irreverent spirit of the Dsquared2 Spring Summer 2024 fashion show.


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