Duran Lantink Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Duran Lantink Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Duran Lantink Spring Summer 2024 collection fashion show at Paris Fashion Week SS24 (October 3, 2023).

In his second collection in Paris, Dutch designer Duran Lantink embarked on a playful exploration of proportions, unleashing a creative frenzy that added intriguing bumps and humps for volume while stripping dresses down to a nude essence.

Lantink, a designer who has never adhered to conventional fashion seasons, took his first deep dive into the world of spring-summer, emerging with a fanciful collection brimming with references to the natural world—flowers and the sea served as his muses. He drew inspiration from a multitude of sources—lips and ships, whales and tails—resulting in a captivating and imaginative ensemble.

Models seemed to dive into a sea of creativity, donning life jackets transformed into parkas and buoys repurposed as bikini tops. Lantink took the audience on a remarkable journey with these unconventional looks.

Tailored pieces, such as oversized blazers for men, redefined epic proportions, boasting linebacker shoulders that could easily command a football field. Yet, these bold shapes underwent a mesmerizing transformation, dissolving into ethereal nothingness. The final look left a lasting impression, featuring a completely sheer back that provided photographers and spectators with a striking parting shot.

Lantink's vision for this collection transcended mere reworking of pieces and materials; it was rooted in the very essence of his brand. His mission is to revolutionize textiles and offer a fresh perspective on how we perceive the human body.

Remarkably, a staggering 95% of the materials used were sourced from deadstock, with blazers even lined with leftovers from Balenciaga. The few new materials employed were meticulously hand-knitted from wool, while others were thoughtfully recycled, embodying Lantink's commitment to sustainability.

The young designer has ambitious plans to bring some of the more practical pieces from this collection into production, ensuring that these standout looks will soon become accessible to fashion enthusiasts. Anticipate seeing them in select stockists in the near future.

Regrettably, Lantink chose to forego sending out last looks, leaving the audience yearning for one final dip into his whimsical and imaginative world.

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