Emporio Armani Spring Summer 2024 Men Fashion Show

Emporio Armani Spring Summer 2024 Men Fashion Show

Emporio Armani Spring Summer 2024 Menswear collection fashion show in Milano, Italy (June 17, 2023).

In a captivating showcase, the runway was graced by a dozen Italian Olympic athletes, including Paralympians, who revealed a capsule version of the national kit to be worn during the Games. The collection exuded a harmonious blend of tonal shades, deep blacks, and vibrant flashes of color, taking inspiration from traditional Asian dress and the symbolism of the ginkgo leaf.

At the heart of the collection was the ginkgo leaf motif, which appeared in various forms throughout the runway. This symbolic element was skillfully embroidered and cut out, adorning one-and-a-half breasted peak lapel suits paired with flowing trousers, as well as lattice-effect tops. The ginkgo leaf also made its presence felt in matte jacquard patterns on shirt-biker hybrids and golden tunic shirts, adding a touch of elegance and intrigue.

Emporio Armani seamlessly merged elements of sportswear with sartorial elegance in this collection. The presentation began with tonal knit hoodies layered over draped drawstring pants, creating a relaxed yet refined aesthetic in shades of beige. The runway then transitioned into a technical segment, featuring sheer greige separates in robust yet silky materials, worn alongside lug-toed sneakers. Notably, hats worn high on the back, secured with harnesses, added a distinctive touch to the overall look.

As the show progressed, the ginkgo leaf motif reemerged on hoodies, signaling a return to Emporio Armani's distinct style. The collection culminated in a series of dedicated evening looks, often centered around the horseshoe waistcoat. Fluid silhouettes in black and white gracefully intermingled Asian and European design elements, creating a sense of unity and strength. Armani masterfully blended athletic inspiration with refined elegance, symbolizing the Olympic motto of "faster, higher, stronger—together."

While tonal shades and deep blacks dominated the collection, the vibrant red, white, and green tricolors of the Italian flag, proudly waved by the athletes, added striking bursts of color. These flashes of national pride served as a reminder of the forthcoming Olympic Games in Paris, evoking a sense of excitement and anticipation.


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