Etro Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Etro Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Etro Spring Summer 2024 collection fashion show at Milano Fashion Week SS24 (September 20, 2023).

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Marco De Vincenzo, a designer with an insatiable wanderlust, embarked on a unique voyage for Etro's Spring Summer 2024 collection. While he physically explored Africa and Cambodia, his mind ventured into the depths of Etro's rich archive, a treasure trove of rare fabrics and prints. In this suspended journey of imagination and memory, he discovered a place he aptly named "Nowhere."

A Designer's Odyssey - De Vincenzo's creative process is a fascinating odyssey that bridges the tangible and the ethereal. He marveled at the magic of the temples of Angkor Wat and was captivated by a scrap of beautiful brocade from the 18th century. His mind wandered through memories and suggestions, blending them without logic or rational hierarchy, ultimately leading him to fabulous places with no name.

Nowhere: A Multifaceted Concept - "Nowhere" is a concept that defies easy definition, and in the world of fashion, it takes on multiple dimensions. Fashion itself is a realm where the art of infinite combinations thrives, and De Vincenzo's Spring Summer 2024 collection is a testament to this notion. He described it as a "nowhere" because it seamlessly fuses his personal vision, illusions, and obsessions with Etro's unparalleled expertise in sourcing the rarest patterns and fabrics from around the world.

Audacious Quirk and Cohesive Chaos - De Vincenzo's audacity and quirk served as the binding force that held the collection together. Despite the visual chaos of graphics and textures, the collection maintained a cohesive identity. The absence of recognizable citations or attributions allowed each piece to come to life in a magical "no-place."

A Fearless Exploration - The collection fearlessly embraced challenging shapes, such as swirling trailing hems that gracefully encircled the ankles. Unexpected juxtapositions of volumes, exemplified by XXXL leather blazers worn over equally voluminous strapless circle dresses, added to the collection's intrigue. The intricate construction, marked by twisting, knotting, braiding, and slicing, showcased De Vincenzo's dedication to pushing boundaries.

Etro's Evolution - In carving a distinctive niche for Etro, Marco De Vincenzo has redefined the brand's codes, infusing them with spirit, vitality, and visual allure. The diverse and refined casting, sophisticated grooming, and imaginative styling further elevated the collection, resulting in a convincing and captivating performance. De Vincenzo's vision is steering Etro towards an exciting and uncharted territory, a place one might call "Nowhere," where fashion becomes an art form without boundaries or constraints.


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