Eudon Choi Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Eudon Choi Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Eudon Choi Spring Summer 2024 collection fashion show at London Fashion Week SS24 (September 16, 2023).


Closeups for Eudon Choi Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show.


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Eudon Choi's Spring Summer 2024 collection seamlessly blends practicality with ephemeral beauty. Renowned for his expertise in crafting lightweight, comfortable garments rooted in his Seoul tailoring training, Choi takes inspiration from the soft-focus artistry of Berthe Morisot. This 19th-century French Impressionist, known for her nuanced palette and loose style, serves as the muse for Choi's collection. It features a sophisticated color palette comprising milky coffee browns, mottled blues, muted pinks, and occasional bursts of sunshine yellow and delicate floral prints, lending a mature elegance to his designs. Hints of Giorgio Armani's '90s tailoring finesse subtly enhance the collection through artful cutouts and draping techniques.

The fashion show's casting was a standout feature, embracing a diverse range of models, from seasoned professionals to striking newcomers. Among them, Sandy, a 50-something newcomer, confidently made her catwalk debut, donning gunmetal gray, wide-leg wool pants paired with an open-sleeved collared shirt. Notably, the legendary Korean model Choi Miae came out of retirement for the occasion, symbolizing the celebration of beauty transcending age. Choi's collaboration with Korean skincare label Laneige contributed a luminous touch to the models' skin, harmonizing seamlessly with the collection's emphasis on lightness and radiance.

In this three-part narrative, the 'Eudon Choi Spring Summer 2024' fashion show artfully intertwines practicality, artistic inspiration, and inclusivity. Choi's mastery in crafting comfortable yet refined clothing shines, while the influence of Berthe Morisot's Impressionism and Giorgio Armani's '90s tailoring finesse adds depth to the collection. The diverse casting, featuring both seasoned and new models, reflects a celebration of beauty at all ages, with standout moments from debutante Sandy and the legendary Choi Miae. Choi's collaboration with Laneige enhances the models' radiant complexions, aligning perfectly with the collection's focus on luminosity and lightness, resulting in a captivating narrative within the world of high fashion.

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