Feben Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Feben Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Feben Spring Summer 2024 collection fashion show at London Fashion Week SS24 (September 16, 2023).


Closeups for Feben Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show.


In an era where the age-old adage "my body is a temple" has evolved beyond its biblical origins, morphing into a personal anthem of self-love rather than a fervent religious proclamation, Feben's Spring collection, aptly named "Temple," pays homage to both corporeal beauty and the symbolic sanctuaries where flesh revels in its earthly delights.

Drawing creative sustenance from the visionary American artist Carrie Mae Weems, renowned for her deep exploration of temples and architectural spaces as profound metaphors for the human experience, Feben embarked on an introspective voyage. She pondered the intricate tapestry of her physicality within the broader narrative of identity. The outcome is a collection that dauntlessly showcases Feben's own nude form, meticulously screen-printed onto jersey column dresses, an arresting visual manifesto echoing her profound reflections on embracing her own skin. "Beyond my role as a designer, I am a woman who has navigated the complex terrain of self-acceptance," Feben confided during an exclusive preview. "My formative years were steeped in the imagery of impossibly svelte bodies, a narrative that left me questioning whether my own physique could ever be celebrated. This collection is my unequivocal retort to those antiquated ideals."

The color palette for this season takes a deep dive into the realm of earthy opulence, with profound yellows and sumptuous chocolate browns punctuated by bursts of vivid crimson, ethereal lilac, and inky jet black. Feben's signature twist pieces, emblematic of her brand, embrace novel silhouettes that reverberate with a body-positive ethos, celebrating the exquisite female form. Elsewhere in this collection, chiffon-panel dresses adorned with alluring sheer inserts and silk minidresses featuring digitally printed, magnified spiral brushstrokes effortlessly meld sensuality with artistry.

Maintaining her fruitful collaboration with skilled artisans based in Accra, the runway came alive with impeccably crafted beaded ensembles, accompanied by an enchanting and rhythmic swish of fabric. While bearing semblances to her prior collection, this iteration felt more refined than ever before, particularly in the form of resplendent gowns featuring cascading floor-length tassels and minidresses with a striking V-shaped skirt adorned with intricately layered beadwork. Feben elucidated her vision, stating, "Our intent was to evoke a visual resonance with the contours of the female anatomy. It may, in certain aspects, elicit a sense of unease, yet it fundamentally exalts the inherent beauty of a woman's body—the sacred temple that houses her very essence."

For the grand denouement, the iconic American model Debra Shaw seized the spotlight. She spontaneously paused mid-runway in a form-fitting twist dress while a procession of models continued to stride past her, all set to the resonant strains of Sinéad O'Connor's "I Want Your (Hands on Me)." Feben's choice of musical accompaniment flawlessly encapsulated the emotional gamut of the collection, evoking a mesmerizing interplay between extroversion and vulnerability—an unabashedly authentic and entirely enthralling spectacle.

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