Ferrari Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Ferrari Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Ferrari Spring Summer 2024 collection fashion show at Milano Fashion Week SS24 (September 23, 2023).


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Designer Rocco Iannone presented his fifth Ferrari collection with a carefully crafted show concept and a clear focus on the brand's aesthetic. The collection was characterized by a balance between craftsmanship and technology, drawing inspiration from the automotive world.

Show Setting and Atmosphere - The show took place on a circular white podium at Teatro Vetra, with the venue's rounded walls partially covered by metallic slate and silver accents. The ambiance was set with a string orchestra playing Antonio Vivaldi's music juxtaposed with crescendo techno beats. This contrast between classical and modern elements echoed the collection's theme.

Collection Themes and Color Palette - Iannone structured the collection around eight product themes and seven colors. While he aimed for sharp and clear design, he emphasized that it didn't equate to minimalism. Instead, meticulous detailing was used to add intrigue and allure to the collection. Pure White: The initial looks featured all-white ensembles, including a minidress with sleeves reminiscent of padded racing gear and a bomber jacket with Bermuda pants for men. Color Progression: The color palette transitioned from neutrals, such as soft powder pink, to terracotta and blue, ultimately culminating in the iconic Ferrari red. Denim Elements: Several denim pieces were included in the collection, ranging from oversized trenches to overalls, showcasing a blend of tailoring, workwear, and racing influences.

Sustainable Materials - Iannone incorporated sustainable materials into the collection. Featherlight dresses appeared to be made from gauze but were crafted from Q-Cycle satin, a certified material derived from the processing of waste tires. This sustainable focus added depth and responsibility to the collection.

Variety of Styles - The collection encompassed various styles, from ribbed knitted dresses that offered a form-fitting silhouette to sequined dresses that added a touch of glamour. The diversity in designs aimed to cater to a wide range of tastes within the Ferrari community.

Message of Desire - Iannone described the collection as a celebration of "the power of desire, which moves borders, animates us, and illuminates our imagination." This theme of desire was likely to resonate with Ferrari enthusiasts and entice them to make purchases.

Rocco Iannone's Ferrari Spring Summer 2024 collection effectively blended craftsmanship, technology, and automotive inspiration. The carefully curated color palette and attention to detail contributed to a collection that showcased the brand's evolving fashion aesthetic. Sustainable materials and a variety of styles added depth to the offerings, making them appealing to a wide audience.


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