Francesca Liberatore Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Francesca Liberatore Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Francesca Liberatore Spring Summer 2024 collection fashion show at Milano Fashion Week SS24 (September 19, 2023).

Francesca Liberatore made a significant splash by moving up the unveiling of her Spring Summer 2024 collection to the opening day of Milan Fashion Week. In a surprising departure from convention, Liberatore chose to experiment with an entire collection crafted exclusively from leather, as she showcased her work at Rho Fiera Milano’s spaces to inaugurate the international Lineapelle Fair.

Adding to the intrigue, Liberatore presented her collection once more, this time at the captivating Palazzo Diamanti Museum in Ferrara. She invited fashion enthusiasts to join her on October 7th for this remarkable fashion journey. Subsequent showings were planned for Macao, China, and New York City, in a clear demonstration of her commitment to expanding her brand's reach and influence.

At the core of the Francesca Liberatore SS24 collection is a strong focus on cyclicity, driven by the organic nature of leather, its traceability, and potential for reuse. In collaboration with Lineapelle, the collection delves into various aspects of leather, including natural skins, innovative finishing techniques, and the upcycling of waste materials from the food industry—an environmentally responsible approach to fashion.

The collection is a harmonious blend of creativity and craftsmanship, featuring nude body suits that artfully combine different shades of leather, metallic tops, and pleated, reworked, washed, and altered skirts—all showcasing various techniques to create unique textures and visual appeal.

One of the standout features of this collection is the modular approach that deconstructs the human body, allowing it to be reassembled into accessory parts, such as jewel collars, cuffs, or top bands in knitwear. This visionary interpretation transcends conventional clothing, redefining the relationship between fashion and the body.

Francesca Liberatore's SS24 collection aims to emphasize uniqueness and exclusivity by numbering each individual piece from 1 to 9, mirroring the world of art. This numbering system underscores the limited nature of the collection and reinforces the designer's commitment to producing less while ensuring a higher standard of quality—an approach that Liberatore staunchly supports.

Furthermore, the SS24 leather project takes an educational and collaborative turn, as Francesca Liberatore integrates seven talented Fashion Design students from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts into her style office. These students not only participated in the initial stages of creation but also brought their unique strengths, knowledge, and sustainability-driven values to the project. This collaboration underscores the importance of nurturing the next generation of sustainable fashion designers.

In the future, Francesca Liberatore will collaborate with the Municipality of Ferrara and Ferrara Arte to create a new brand presentation within the exhibition spaces of the Museum. The day will conclude with an evening event at the Ex Chiesa San Michele, which will serve as the brand's new headquarters, thanks to the Liberatore Family's visionary recovery and redevelopment project, which intersects the realms of Culture, Art, and Fashion.

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