Giorgio Armani Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Giorgio Armani Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Giorgio Armani Spring Summer 2024 collection fashion show at Milano Fashion Week SS24 (September 24, 2023).


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Giorgio Armani's Spring Summer 2024 collection, titled "Vibes," marked the concluding big show of Milan Fashion Week. The sunlit day saw Armani holding three performances of this collection to accommodate all the editors and clients in attendance. The event was highly anticipated, with crowds gathered outside the venue, hoping to spot famous guests arriving.

The collection featured models with late '20s-style finger wave hairstyles, reminiscent of Madonna's '90s revival. It was showcased against a projected backdrop of cloudily diffuse waves of color, with the looks often adorned with wave-inspired motifs. Belts made of two or three strips of leather, cut to curve against or alongside each other, cinched many of the outfits.

The collection unfolded in several phases, each marked by subtle shifts in lighting and color. It began with a focus on bronze metallic fabrics and silk grayish-blue, moving into Armani's baseline blue for the second phase. This phase included strapless dresses, wave-patterned knits, and accessories like wave bangles and flat-soled boxing boots. Armani emphasized that he has long embraced flat shoes for evening wear.

The collection continued to shift, incorporating marine green, near-black looks with wavy fabrics reflecting spotlights, and a section reminiscent of Emporio's layered full skirts and crystal-embellished pieces. The final phase introduced dusky pale pink with color accents drawn from the previous sections. The collection featured collarless jackets, long tulip skirts, and art deco-inspired beading, all contributing to a sense of flowing movement and subtle elegance.

The show's grand finale showcased a long and loosely fitted cloud dress with a crystal-inset sporty neckline, worn with a floor-length sheer shawl inset with points of reflection. The model exuded Isadora Duncan-esque verve as she twirled and swooshed down the runway. Giorgio Armani received applause as he appeared at the end of the show, waving to the audience, and overall, the collection captured a distinct "vibe" of artistry and sophistication.


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