Harunobumurata Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Harunobumurata Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

HARUNOBUMURATA Spring Summer 2024 fashion show at Tokyo Fashion Week SS24 (August 28, 2023). A collection designed by Harunobu Murata (村田 晴信).


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Designer Harunobu Murata made a significant fashion statement as the "HARUNOBUMURATA" label unveiled its Spring Summer 2024 collection through a mesmerizing runway event. The occasion marked the brand's first venture into the realm of spring and summer fashion, hosted against the historic backdrop of Tokyo National Museum's Horyu-ji Treasure Museum.

The collection, aptly named "An Intimate Portrait of The Life," struck a perfect balance between timeless elegance and the fleeting moments of everyday existence. Drawing inspiration from the masterful lens of photographer Slim Aarons, whose lens captured the essence of carefree summer vacations, Murata skillfully translated Aarons' imagery into a contemporary wardrobe that exuded an effortless and refined grace.

Aarons' artful portrayal of intimate relationships between subjects became the catalyst for Murata's exploration of color and texture. The verdant emerald blues of tranquil waters and the ever-changing hues of the sky, as captured by Aarons, were skillfully woven into the fabric of the collection. Each garment seemed to embody the very essence of a sun-soaked summer's day, transporting the wearer to a world of endless possibilities and leisurely sophistication.

The influence of cinema also played a role in shaping the collection's aesthetic. Luca Guadagnino's cinematic masterpiece "Call Me by Your Name," set against the backdrop of an idyllic Italian summer, lent its vibrant landscapes and elegant undertones to Murata's creative process. This fusion of visual inspirations led to a collection that seamlessly married nostalgic charm with contemporary allure.

As the lights dimmed and the music began to play, the runway came alive with a procession of models who embodied the collection's ethos. The runway encircling the entrance's water basin created an ethereal ambiance, as if each step was a dance between water and light. The show's opening featured a stunning collaboration with "OAO," introducing a sneaker that blended black leather with iconic gold plate motifs, juxtaposed with the delicate white jersey material of a short dress, epitomizing a harmonious duality of form and fluidity.

Among the standout pieces were gradient dresses reminiscent of a setting sun, crisp blue cotton blouses that evoked a sense of renewal, and sheer checkered knits that played with transparency and texture. The collection also unveiled the captivating "PIADA" icon bag and bold gold accessories, accentuating the looks with a touch of luxury.

Designer Harunobu Murata shared his thoughts on the collection, describing his shift towards "lightness" as a guiding principle for this season. He emphasized his desire to capture the transitions of time and color, allowing each piece to narrate its own unique story within the larger tapestry of the collection. The garments were envisioned to be versatile, catering to different moments throughout the day, from the freshness of morning to the elegance of evening.

A notable innovation was the exploration of "gāmento dai," a technique that allowed for post-dyeing processing. This approach seamlessly integrated the theme of color transitions, resulting in garments that mirrored the natural shifts of light and shade, an embodiment of the collection's essence.


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