Hui Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Hui Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Hui Spring Summer 2024 collection fashion show at Milano Fashion Week SS24 (September 24, 2023).

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Hui Zhou Zhao, a prominent figure in Chinese fashion who has a fondness for Italy and showcases her collections in Milan, dedicated her Spring Summer 2024 collection to the resilient women of the Miao tribe. The Miao people are one of China's oldest ethnic groups and are known for their colorful clothing adorned with intricate embroideries, often passed down through generations.

The collection, titled 24/7 fashion, features prints and embroideries that highlight graphic and geometric designs while fluidly incorporating floral patterns. The concept is rooted in bringing back the significance of seals, which historically represented the spiritual essence and identity of the wearer. These designs seamlessly blend modern Western tastes with the traditional grace of Mandarin collars, kimono cuts, and sophisticated pajama-tuxedo styles.

The collection includes a variety of pieces such as shorts paired with kimonos, ethereal tulle skirts worn under men's blazers, practical dungarees with a relaxed fit, and small seductive bustiers layered over oversized shirts. Denim pieces in the collection are intentionally adorned with seal embroidery, symbolizing the harmonious fusion of Eastern and Western influences, which has always been Hui Zhao's mission.

The fabrics used in the collection range from silk twill and chiffon to poplin, cotton drill, tulle, and jacquard. The color palette includes soft shades like jade green, vanilla yellow, stucco white, and peony pink, complemented by vibrant reds and muted blues. Accessory options encompass maxi shoppers, tote bags, small handbags, and dancer's shoes.


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