Hyke Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Hyke Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Hyke Spring Summer 2024 collection fashion show at Tokyo Fashion Week SS24 (August 31, 2023).

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Though it might appear contradictory, Yukiko Ode and Hideaki Yoshihara excel at creating a blend they call "graceful gorpcore." Proficient in harmonizing practicality with a touch of ethereal femininity, the duo remained faithful to their signature approach this season, drawing inspiration from their profound affinity for the natural world.

Their latest collection prominently featured elements inspired by trail running, a recent passion for Ode and Yoshihara, who have also taken up paddle-boarding and canoeing. This influence materialized both in functional aspects (using lightweight, water-resistant materials like PERTEX and high-tech Taslan twill) and artistic nuances. Notably, topographical map prints adorned billowy trench coats and sheer jumpsuits. The contour lines, resembling the geography of Kiryu—Ode's hometown—added a meaningful connection to the land.

A collaboration with The North Face, a long-term partner of Hyke, introduced a line of trail running essentials. Among them, the standout was a chic sack vest designed to be versatile for mountain treks or everyday commutes. Ode explained that the vest's thoughtful design, featuring a vented back for comfort and ample pocket space for two water bottles, was a result of their desire to deviate from the typical cluttered look of trail running gear.

The garments exhibited a remarkable fluidity in movement. Swirling mesh dresses and billowing pants harmonized with each stride, while puff-sleeved denim jackets and form-fitting, strapless jumpsuits in double-faced polyester wool brought a dimension that felt both robust and sophisticated. The collection was meticulously crafted to offer comfort during walks while exuding an elegant aesthetic.

Although Hyke maintains a consistent style—teetering on the edge of predictability—the designers continuously conjure novel ideas to infuse technical fabrics with elegance and find innovative ways to incorporate functional elements like concealed water bottle pockets. Ode attributed this wellspring of creativity to the Japanese countryside, a realm she eagerly anticipates revisiting. As she shared, "Once this season concludes and the market rush subsides, our hearts are set on returning to nature. Perhaps I'll stumble upon undiscovered mountains to conquer."


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