Isabel Sanchis Bridal Spring 2024 Fashion Show

Isabel Sanchis Bridal Spring 2024 Fashion Show

Isabel Sanchis Bridal Spring 2024 collection fashion show at Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week 2023 (April 19, 2023).

Isabel Sanchis presented her Bridal Spring 2024 collection during the Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week, and it did not disappoint. The collection is a constant play on volumes and shapes, all to favor the female silhouette. Isabel Sanchis, the designer who gave her name to the brand, and her daughter Paula, maintained the brand's DNA by showcasing daring, seductive, and delicate dresses.

The collection is meant for the modern bride who wants to stand out from the rest while enjoying her special day. From pleated jackets, pants, and shirts to voluminous dresses and worked veils, the collection is a mix of different styles unified under the same collection. The brand also took a step towards sustainability by using surprising materials like recycled plastic bottles to create unique threads.

The inspiration behind the collection comes from flowers, the flagship element of the brand. The flowers appear in fabrics with fantasy, delicate embroidered tulle, and leather flowers, making each dress unique and memorable.

The brand aims to dress a bride who wants a current and innovative design without losing elegance and delicacy. The dress of 2024 is meant for a strong and independent woman who seeks to be herself while feeling special and enjoying her special day.

The dream dress from Isabel Sanchis must be enchanting and must combine elegance, boldness, and a special touch that makes it unique. Each bride should feel like herself in the dress that expresses what she feels and wants to convey.


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