Isabel Sanchis Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Isabel Sanchis Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Isabel Sanchis Spring Summer 2024 collection fashion show at Madrid Fashion Week SS24 (September 15, 2023).

As one of the few globally recognized couture brands available for sale, a designer might be tempted to stick with tried-and-true formulas season after season. However, this is far from the case in the ateliers of Isabel Sanchis. With each new collection, the mother-daughter duo behind the brand, who received the L'Oréal Award at the last Fashion Week Madrid, embarks on a quest for fresh techniques, challenges, and aesthetics because, as they explain, "the international market is exceptionally demanding" and constantly hungers for innovation. While their designs find immense popularity in the United States and Arab countries, they never lose sight of their Spanish clientele. In light of the diverse array of women seeking their styles, their new offering for Spring/Summer 2024 encompasses a range of options, all sharing a common romantic and feminine thread: feathers.

"In this collection, we've delved into techniques to create novel volumes, particularly with horsehair and recycled plastics. Additionally, feathers play a significant role, serving as the unifying element. We meticulously handcrafted duck feathers, lending them a geometric touch before translating them into prints on silks and wools, hand-painting them, and embellishing with metallic details...," elucidate the Valencian designer and her daughter, Paula Maiques, who jointly oversee the creative direction of these exquisite dresses tailored for cocktails, weddings, or red carpet affairs.

The diversity of events suitable for their creations becomes evident when one observes their vibrant color palette: fuchsias, limes, and oranges are recommended "for daytime occasions," while the elegance of black is advised "for evening events." Flowing fabrics like chiffon and silk share the stage with rigid, almost sculptural structures, meticulously constructed from polymer horsehair—a technique that has demanded countless hours of refinement. They reveal that a single dress in their collection required over two months of painstaking labor to present to the world.

This collection also places a stronger emphasis on trousers, as Paula Maiques explains, "I've developed a penchant for trousers when attending ceremonies or parties lately, and I believe they can be just as elegant as a dress." Regardless of whether one opts for a dress or trousers, the key to the perfect guest ensemble lies in the selection of the right accessories. Isabel Sanchis has collaborated with Dime que me quieres to craft feather earrings and partnered with Steve Madden for bags and shoes. The result is an exquisite, diverse proposal, as elegant as it is alluring, envisioned on celebrities like Zendaya or Jessica Chastain. Despite having dressed internationally renowned figures such as Nieves Álvarez, Sharon Stone, or Chiara Ferragni and designing with "all women" in mind, their ambition—tightly balanced with humility—continuously drives them to outdo themselves.

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