Issey Miyake Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Issey Miyake Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Issey Miyake Spring Summer 2024 collection fashion show at Paris Fashion Week SS24 (September 29, 2023).

Issey Miyake's Spring Summer 2024 collection, showcased in Paris, paid a captivating tribute to the brand's rich history, particularly drawing inspiration from the iconic Spring 1998 show, directed by the late creative genius, Issey Miyake himself. This homage, beautifully executed by Satoshi Kondo, opened the show with a sense of reverence and excitement, reminiscent of the original presentation from 25 years ago.

Kondo's masterful experiments with high twist yarns provided a mesmerizing interplay with the human form. The garments seemed to flutter like flags in the breeze, evoking a sense of graceful movement and fluidity. The designer's inspiration, drawn from the image of a flag billowing in the wind, was artfully translated into the fabric's organic responses to the body's natural contours, resulting in a harmonious and unforced drape.

The collection featured a series of prints, capturing grainy shafts of light reminiscent of exposed film—a nod to the 1990s. Among the standout pieces were meticulously crafted dresses fashioned from single tubes of washi paper and polyester blends. These garments were a fusion of technical expertise and deep romanticism, with intricate folds and cut-out sections that added a layer of complexity and allure to each design. Notably, some models sported Vibram-soled barefoot running shoes by New Balance, selected to complement Kondo's artistic vision.

Large-silhouette jackets and coats made a striking appearance in the collection, thanks to the innovative placement of front and back facing material pieces. This design choice, reminiscent of the previous season's collection, achieved a remarkable balance between substance and lightness, highlighting the brand's commitment to pushing the boundaries of fashion.

The show's ambiance was heightened by a powerful soundsystem, with a bassline so heavy and resonant that it caused the pieces of washi paper hanging across the runway to sway and tremble as the models gracefully made their way down the catwalk. This auditory element added an extra layer of sensory engagement, further enhancing the overall experience of Issey Miyake's Spring Summer 2024 presentation.

In conclusion, Issey Miyake's latest collection is a testament to the brand's enduring legacy and innovative spirit. Satoshi Kondo's homage to the past while infusing fresh creativity into the designs reflects a harmonious balance between tradition and innovation. The collection is a visual and sensory delight, captivating fashion enthusiasts with its intricate craftsmanship and artistic reinterpretation of the brand's history.

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