Jacquemus Fall Winter 2023-24 Fashion Show

Jacquemus Fall Winter 2023-24 Fashion Show

Jacquemus Fall Winter 2023-2024 collection fashion show 'LE CHOUCHOU' at Versailles (June 26, 2023).

In a remarkable fashion spectacle that brought together history, youthfulness, and the allure of luxury, Simon Porte Jacquemus unveiled his highly anticipated Fall Winter 2023-2024 collection at the iconic Palace of Versailles. The event, reminiscent of the legendary Battle of Versailles in 1973, showcased the designer's vision of making the grandeur of Versailles accessible and relatable to contemporary fashion enthusiasts. With an emphasis on establishing the accessible Jacquemus brand in the luxury space, the collection exuded a perfect blend of elegance, innovation, and a touch of whimsy.

The realization of staging a fashion show at the Palace of Versailles was the culmination of a year-long endeavor, underscoring Jacquemus's aspiration to establish a lasting relationship with this historic venue. The designer's brand is deeply intertwined with youthfulness and resonates with a new generation, making the collaboration with Versailles a natural fit. By showcasing his collection at such a renowned location, Jacquemus aimed to bridge the gap between the younger audience and the exclusivity associated with luxury fashion.

CEO Bastien Daguzan outlined the brand's long-term strategy to expand globally and elevate its presence in the collective consciousness. The Versailles show served as a critical component of this strategy, further solidifying Jacquemus's position in the luxury fashion world. By merging the essence of Versailles with the youthfulness of the brand, the event aimed to demonstrate that the seemingly unattainable could be made accessible. This approach is central to the Jacquemus ethos, which consistently finds a way to make even the grandest spectacles relatable and within reach.

Versailles held a special place in Jacquemus's heart, having served as the location of his first date with his now-husband. The designer had long cherished the dream of showcasing his collection at the palace. His initial vision, shared with Bastien Daguzan through two pictures of Versailles, materialized into a stunning reality. Guests were ushered to the runway on charming off-white boats, as models paraded against the backdrop of the majestic palace. Jacquemus's ability to create unforgettable experiences and his meticulous attention to detail were evident throughout the show.

Jacquemus consciously chose to stage the show outside the palace, drawing inspiration from the landscape and veering away from ostentation. By intertwining his distinctive perspective with the spirit of Versailles, he paid homage to Marie Antoinette and Princess Diana. The collection showcased puffy and ruched silhouettes, reminiscent of Lady Diana's iconic '80s style, and incorporated tutus and ballet-inspired elements. Scrunched-up silhouettes pervaded the collection, earning it the name "Le Chouchou," referring to hair scrunchies. The inventive tailoring, characterized by backless blazers, cinched waistlines, and detached sleeves, demonstrated Jacquemus's ability to blend historical references with a playful, contemporary twist.

While the collection featured nods to Versailles, Jacquemus skillfully avoided relying on traditional costumes. Panniers were absent, and cage crinolines took the form of ethereal tie-around tops and dresses. Though the array of references could appear overwhelming at times, Jacquemus's expertise lies in translating and propelling online fashion trends. It wouldn't be surprising to witness the rise of "Versailles-core" on social media platforms such as TikTok, alongside existing trends like balletcore.


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