Jason Wu Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Jason Wu Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Jason Wu Spring Summer 2024 collection fashion show at New York Fashion Week SS24 (September 10, 2023).

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Jason Wu's Spring Summer 2024 show was a unique blend of personal expression and artistic innovation. The choice of the Sunken Garden as the venue was itself a statement, inviting attendees to engage with the space's interactive artistry. As viewers peered down from the street level or observed through a round glass wall inside, they were drawn into a world where fashion and art converged.

One of the most striking aspects of Wu's collection was its raw authenticity. The garments were intentionally distressed and featured unfinished edges, embracing imperfections as part of the design. This theme carried over from the previous season, but for Spring Summer 2024, it found its expression in lighter, more seasonally appropriate pieces. Wu's ability to juxtapose the rawness of his clothes with the elegance of the venue created a harmonious contrast that resonated with the audience.

Wu's collection showcased a broader range of styles than ever before. In addition to his signature light-washed jeans and ethereal tanks, he introduced evening separates, such as a raw-edged, bias-cut slip dress in various shades of sky, paired with flowy, wide-cut jeans. These combinations redefined dressy attire with a touch of American ease, demonstrating Wu's versatility as a designer.

The influence of popular culture also made its mark on this collection, with the TV show "The Last of Us" inspiring themes of destruction and rebirth. This concept manifested in delicate fabric deconstructions, emphasizing Wu's willingness to embrace imperfection. The prints for the season drew inspiration from 1930s scientific drawings and 19th-century etchings, with Wu incorporating the visage of Anna Mae Wong into their intricate patterns. The result was a collection that exuded gravitas and authenticity.

A notable collaboration with artist Matthieu Grambert, whose work was discovered online, led to the creation of an AI-generated underwater film that added an innovative dimension to the show. Inspired by the call of the sea, the collection featured octopus embroideries, mermaid hems, and seaweed-like ruffles, evoking the beauty and mystery of the ocean.

Throughout the show, Wu's fascination with prettiness was palpable. The layering of garments, reminiscent of Dior Men's aesthetic, appeared fresh and contemporary. The fluidity and movement of his pieces were not only convincing but also highly effective in conveying a sense of effortless beauty.


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