Kiko Kostadinov Fall Winter 2024-25 Men Fashion Show

Kiko Kostadinov Fall Winter 2024-25 Men Fashion Show

Kiko Kostadinov Fall Winter 2024-2025 Menswear collection fashion show at Paris Men Fashion Week FW24 (January 21, 2024).

Embarking on a new chapter with the recent establishment of a Paris outpost, Kiko Kostadinov presents his FW24 Menswear Collection as a reflection on his own artistic journey. Departing from his usual nods to literature, cinema, and imagination, the designer embraces this season as an opportune moment to revisit and reinterpret themes from his past. Described as "an aggregate manifesto of gestures and forms" in his show notes, the collection unveils a compelling narrative of self-exploration and evolution.

Amidst a backdrop of earth tones dominating the season, Kiko Kostadinov introduces a bold vision of color exploration. The designer invites the audience to "let the eye travel through color," injecting vibrant anise, neon green, and washed-out pinks and blues into the collection. These hues are meticulously layered or artfully worked into stripes, creating a chromatic symphony that defies the subdued palette of the season. Kostadinov's daring use of color becomes a testament to his commitment to pushing boundaries and inviting viewers to experience fashion in a vivid and dynamic way.

In a departure from conventional logo-centric designs, Kiko Kostadinov takes a distinctive approach to brand identity. The designer eschews logos and lettering, opting instead for precision darting techniques that subtly carve out the letter 'K' within the fabric. This innovative approach aligns with Kostadinov's broader exploration of "building a new language and claiming space rather than changing every season." The result is a collection that speaks volumes through its craftsmanship, offering a fresh perspective on the intersection of fashion and individuality.

Adding an artistic touch to the collection, a "blurred" floral print jacquard emerges as a fresh and captivating element. The juxtaposition of delicate florals against the backdrop of bold colors adds depth and complexity to the garments. Beyond clothing, Kostadinov introduces a series of leather bags adorned with colorful plastic rings, reminiscent of candy. These playful accessories contribute a whimsical charm to the collection, showcasing the designer's ability to seamlessly blend avant-garde fashion with elements of fun and surprise.

Elevating the fashion spectacle, Kiko Kostadinov collaborates with rising talent Noi Kamo to create "crown" headpieces in felt. Adding a regal and avant-garde touch, these headpieces not only showcase Kamo's artistic prowess but also introduce a new dimension to the brand. In this collaboration, followers of Kiko Kostadinov are treated not to one but two emerging talents, reinforcing the brand's commitment to fostering creativity and innovation within the fashion industry.

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