Knwls Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Knwls Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

KNWLS Spring Summer 2024 collection fashion show at London Fashion Week SS24 (September 17, 2023).


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London Fashion Week was set ablaze this season as Charlotte Knowles and Alexandre Arsenault, the dynamic duo behind KNWLS, rode in on a wave of creativity. Fresh off the heels of their electrifying Jean Paul Gaultier collaboration in New York, a rare union that resonated deeply with the fashion world, the pair exuded boundless creative energy. Their New York debut was marked not only by a resounding response from the brand's dedicated followers but also by a star-studded soirée co-hosted by Ssense, adding a touch of glamour to their journey. Charlotte Knowles, speaking backstage before their London show, reflected on the surreal experience, saying, "We'd been working on it for about a year, so we were just super proud."

For the Spring Summer 2024 season, Knowles and Arsenault accelerated their creative engines, steering their selling schedule forward to June. Remarkably, they conjured up the entire collection in a whirlwind two-month sprint during the spring. This instinct-driven forward momentum in their design process led to the refinement and elevation of their signature pieces. Alexandre Arsenault chimed in, explaining, "The process of making it was all about speed, so the collection itself ended up being about speed too. We didn't want to overthink things: we took some of the pieces that we're known for and pushed them to the max."

The runway came alive against the backdrop of a raised catwalk adorned with a celestial surface in shades of ochre and powder blue. Models, sporting slant-heeled mules and boots, strutted to an electrifying dance soundtrack. KNWLS' distinctive trademarks were prominently on display, including diaphanous sheer dresses adorned with fiery prints, lace-up details, waist-snatching belts, and lingerie-inspired pull straps adorning bralettes and bustiers. However, the collection also introduced elevated elements such as boxy, drop-shoulder renditions of their cult motocross leather jackets, crafted from luxurious bull leather and imbued with an acid-washed, grease-streaked patina. Additionally, hand-beaded dresses mirrored the patterns of Harley-Davidson plaid flannel shirts, conjuring the image of a girl emerging straight from the garage, as if she had just been tinkering with a chopper, as Knowles playfully put it.

As the show appeared to conclude, a moment of unexpected enchantment unfolded with jewelry designer and former adult film actor Mia Khalifa storming the runway in a figure-hugging midnight-blue gown. Its train billowed behind her like smoke from an exhaust pipe, leaving the audience in awe. However, KNWLS had one last surprise up their sleeves: a slinky teal bodysuit made of crochet and leather from their Gaultier collaboration, expertly showcased by Lily McMenamy. Her fabulously vampy runway walk ignited a chorus of whoops and cheers, showcasing that while Charlotte Knowles and Alexandre Arsenault's collection was a laser-focused display of their strengths, they remained deeply connected to their playful and daring spirit.

In a resounding triumph, KNWLS left their mark on London Fashion Week, reaffirming their status as visionaries in the fashion realm. Their spring/summer 2024 collection was a testament to their ability to merge innovation with the spirit of adventure, leaving fashion enthusiasts eagerly anticipating what the duo will conjure next.

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