LaQuan Smith Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

LaQuan Smith Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

LaQuan Smith Spring Summer 2024 collection fashion show at New York Fashion Week SS24 (September 11, 2023).


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In the dazzling world of high fashion, LaQuan Smith has carved a niche that epitomizes glamour, confidence, and a sense of purpose. As the designer himself states, the LaQuan Smith woman is always on her way to something fabulous. Recent endorsements by none other than Vice President Kamala Harris and the incomparable Beyoncé attest to the magnetic allure of his creations. For Smith, tonight's Spring Summer 2024 show was yet another opportunity to weave his spell and captivate the fashion world.

The Stage Is Set - LaQuan Smith's runway shows are renowned for their glossy, star-studded affairs, and this one was no exception. The front rows were graced by luminaries such as Saweetie, Laverne Cox, Quinta Brunson, and Offset, underscoring Smith's standing as a fixture at New York Fashion Week. His runways, like his celebrity following, exude sleekness and high-octane energy. But beyond the glittering spectacle lies the heart of the show—the garments themselves.

A Fusion of Bold Proportions and Structure - For Spring Summer 2024, LaQuan Smith sought to create a mood that was both "sexy and refined." His vision came to life through a collection characterized by bold proportions and structured pieces. Angular leather tailoring, draped micro dresses, and power mesh fabrications dominated the runway, showcasing Smith's mastery over garment construction and his deep understanding of the female form.

One standout look drew inspiration from Michelle Pfeiffer's iconic character in "Scarface." A model strutted through the studio in a white croc-embossed pencil skirt and a cropped jacket suit, exuding sharpness and confidence. Smith's leather separates were molded close to the body, enhancing curves and challenging the notion that leather must be rigid. This is power dressing at its finest, an embodiment of effervescent sexiness that refuses to be confined.

Interstellar Glamour - In terms of materials, Smith embraced what he termed "intergalactic glamour." Vibrant metallic leathers were transformed into skorts, shorts, and panties, as well as fluid dresses. Crinkly and shiny fabrics found their way into sporty separates and extra-wide cargo pants. Beads were meticulously strung together to craft two striking tops and a half-skirt. Remarkably, Smith's leather styles maintained a surprising lightness, providing a compelling reason for his decision to focus on leather for a spring collection. Denim separates made an appearance, offering a contrast with their "true American sportswear" feel.

Menswear Potential - While the menswear offerings exhibited potential, they could benefit from additional refinement. The standout menswear look featured wide, creased jeans paired with a navy blazer and a crisp white button-down shirt. Smith's talent for tailoring suggests an avenue for growth in this category, one that could become a focal point in his future collections.

Fashion for the Few - LaQuan Smith is keenly aware of his target audience. He understands that his fashion is not for everyone, and that's precisely the point. His creations speak to a woman who seeks to embrace a fantasy, one where boldness, confidence, and sensuality reign supreme. As Mary J. Blige captured practically every look on video from the front row, it became evident that LaQuan Smith's vision resonates deeply with those who appreciate the artistry of fashion. In the world of LaQuan Smith, every garment tells a story, and that story is a celebration of the fabulous journey that his women embark upon.

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