Luar Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Luar Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Luar Spring Summer 2024 collection fashion show at New York Fashion Week SS24 (September 13, 2023).

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Fashion designer Raúl Lopez took inspiration from an unexpected source for his Spring Summer 2024 collection: the humble neighborhood of "El Hoyo" in the Dominican Republic. Known for his travel adventures, which he often shares on Instagram with the #BRB (Be Right Back) hashtag, Lopez found creative inspiration in the midst of this rustic and vibrant community.

El Hoyo, which translates to "the hole" in Spanish, may not be an exotic destination, but it possesses a unique charm that captivated Lopez. He described it as a rural, rough neighborhood with a captivating beauty that draws him in. It was this genuine and unfiltered experience that fueled his creative process for the Luar Spring Summer 2024 collection.

Lopez stumbled upon a surreal scene during a car ride through El Hoyo, a scene that exemplified the juxtaposition of everyday life in the Caribbean. On one side of the street, people were enjoying themselves, drinking, playing music, and dancing to the rhythm of dembow from loudspeakers. On the other side, a church was set up with chairs placed outside, and a woman was passionately preaching with a microphone, right on the sidewalk.

This serendipitous encounter sparked an epiphany for Lopez. It was as if the people in the street were caught in a vortex, attempting to move forward in their lives, either seeking spiritual solace or striving to escape the limitations of their neighborhood, only to be constantly pulled back by the forces around them.

What's remarkable about this collection is how Lopez translated this complex emotional dynamic into fashion. The Luar Spring Summer 2024 collection is his most streamlined and mature work to date. One standout piece is a butter-yellow boxy jacket featuring rows of fully functional rouleau buttons that wrap around the arms and can be unbuttoned to transform the jacket into a short-sleeve version. Paired with matching shorts that can also be converted into a panty, and white sheer hose reminiscent of traditional Caribbean church attire, the look exudes a sense of transformation and duality.

Lopez's exploration of tailoring is another highlight of this season. Long tailored jackets with wide peak lapels create an illusion of being worn over draped skirts in the same fabric, but they are, in fact, all-in-one pieces, revealing an intricately draped back as models walk away. The extra-long collars on the button-down shirts worn beneath the suits mirror the sensation of being pulled back by the neck, emphasizing the collection's underlying theme of tension and resistance.

This season, Lopez ventured into new techniques and materials, such as the hand-embroidered Luar "L" logo on eveningwear pieces and an all-over embellished skirt paired with a draped jersey halter top that features built-in sunglasses—a hint that Luar sunglasses may soon hit the market. The semi-sheer striped black cotton, reminiscent of guayaberas, adds an element of sophistication to draped sleeveless gowns and dresses with asymmetrical gathers.

One of the most striking elements in the collection is the use of "crackle vinyl" to mimic the cement floors found in El Hoyo's houses. This material exudes glamour when used in rouleau-buttoned shirts and high-waist mermaid skirts. When paired with sneakers by Nike, one of the show's sponsors, and black socks, it offers a contemporary take on the traditional religious uniform.

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