Luis De Javier Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Luis De Javier Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Luis De Javier Spring Summer 2024 collection fashion show in Los Angeles, California, USA (October 23, 2023).

The setting for De Javier's Spring 2024 show was a space above Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, just a stone's throw from Hollywood's heart. Against a backdrop of pulsating techno beats and a space inspired by the iconic Berlin club Berghain, De Javier showcased his collection that bore witness to his growth as a designer. This collection marked the designer's first time working with jersey fabrics, reflecting his fearless pursuit of new challenges.

De Javier's stylistic evolution doesn't stop at materials. His collaboration with mentor Riccardo Tisci has added a layer of refinement and subtlety to his work. In previous collections, De Javier's references were often more overt, but this time, his inspiration was elegantly integrated. The collection draws from Spain's 1990s hardcore rave movement, La Ruta del Bacalao, which was suppressed by an oppressive government. De Javier envisions a utopia where this movement continued to thrive, expressing his political commentary through clothing.

Throughout the collection, the common thread was corseting, as it has been in past seasons. This classic motif was reinterpreted in various materials, including leather, canvas, and latex. To master the challenging latex, De Javier spent weeks at a factory in England, perfecting its use. The result was stunning: a latex coat with exaggerated shoulders that draped fluidly over the body, like a second skin.

Bling-bling found its way into the collection through chains, cords, and even unexpected materials, such as extra-long ballerina nails transformed into dramatic fringe on asymmetrical evening dresses. De Javier's fearless approach led him to confront his apprehensions about working with jersey fabrics, leading to the creation of full-length mock neck t-shirt dresses, provocatively repurposing the Pirelli tire logo to spell out 'puta,' meaning 'whore' in Spanish.

In a bold juxtaposition of club kid vibes and couture, De Javier managed to strike the perfect balance. Tisci's mentorship brought a sense of refinement to De Javier's vision, evident in the restrained color palette, the delicate fusion of lace and leather, and the tightly cinched belts. The jersey t-shirts worn over the head bore a resemblance to a nun's veil, aligning with Tisci's previous religious references during his time at Givenchy.

Luis De Javier's designs have always been characterized by their fearlessness in challenging social norms and provoking thought. However, his genderless creations have transcended the underground club scene he initially sought to dress, earning acclaim from celebrities like Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Kim Kardashian.

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