Luisa Spagnoli Fall Winter 2024-25 Fashion Show

Luisa Spagnoli Fall Winter 2024-25 Fashion Show

Luisa Spagnoli Fall Winter 2024-2025 collection fashion show at Milano Fashion Week FW24 (February 25, 2024).

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For the upcoming Fall Winter 2024-2025 season, Luisa Spagnoli pays homage to the timeless charm and elegance of the Normandy coastal town of Deauville. Inspired by the words of the Duke of Morny, a financier captivated by the splendor of Deauville's coastline, Luisa Spagnoli embarks on an imaginary tour of the iconic locale, translating its allure into a breathtaking collection that celebrates the many facets of elegance.

From its renowned racecourse to the romantic harbor, and the historic streets lined with prestigious boutiques, the collection encapsulates the essence of Deauville's maritime magic. Each garment is a testament to the brand's commitment to sophistication, with a focus on desire-inducing pieces combined into monochromatic outfits.

The color palette is precise, allowing for the remixing of hues to create perfect total looks. From classic black and white to oceanic blue and military green, and the vibrant tones of carmine red, baby pink, peony, olive yellow, caramel, and a beige veined with golden touches, each shade evokes the spirit of Deauville's coastal beauty.

Textures play a key role in the collection, with a juxtaposition of shine and matte finishes in knits, velvets, sequins, lurex, and python-print leather. Shimmering golden metal buttons evoke nautical details, adding a touch of maritime charm to jackets and sweaters.

On the runway, jackets and coats exude a serene yet essential sensuality, reminiscent of Anouk Aimée, the protagonist of Claude Lelouch's iconic film "Un homme et une femme," set in Deauville in 1966. Long coats with military-inspired details, safari jackets, and masculine-cut blazers create an aura of understated elegance, while velvet suits in shades of pink or olive yellow exude feminine allure.

Luisa Spagnoli's expertise in knitwear shines through in cropped models with rolled-up sleeves and back openings, paired with button-decorated culottes or form-fitting ribbed pencil skirts. Double-breasted knit jackets alternate with cardigans featuring the maison's new embroidered logo, styled with crisp silk shirts and snug-fitting knit polo tops.

The collection also boasts voluminous furry coats in a myriad of soft knit faux fur colors, adding a touch of cozy sophistication. From lace wool suits to structured knit dresses with high necklines, and princely baby pink mohair long dresses for eveningwear, the collection effortlessly blends casual refinement with effortless sophistication.

Drawing inspiration from the glamorous atmosphere of 1950s parties in Deauville, the collection features sequined dresses and pants in shades of white or ruby red. Warm micro-sequin yarns shape maxi fur coats paired with mini skirts, figure-hugging dresses, and double-breasted long cardigans. On the red carpet, long velvet dresses with architectural necklines, off-the-shoulder silhouettes, or hooded necklines in shades of brown, black, or Bordeaux radiate elegance.

For a soirée with the renowned stars who enliven Deauville during the American Film Festival, the collection offers originality with leather suits and outfits featuring python-print motifs, even on knits and puffer jackets. These outfits can be customized with a variety of knitted caps and stockings in the collection's cult colors.

Accessories include handwoven black or brown leather clutch bags, crafted by local artisans, along with braided leather straps in shades of brown, red, and military green. The perfect accompaniment to any occasion, the collection's baby-shaped shoes with straps alternate between flat soles and sculptural kitten heels in black leather or black suede, military green, brown, or carmine red. New rain boots in black or pink plastic, with contrasting soles and logo decorations, add a touch of contemporary flair to the collection.

Luisa Spagnoli's Fall Winter 2024-2025 collection encapsulates the timeless allure of Deauville, celebrating the essence of elegance and sophistication with each impeccably crafted garment. From its maritime-inspired motifs to its exquisite craftsmanship, the collection is a tribute to the enduring charm of one of Normandy's most iconic destinations.


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