Mark Kenly Domino Tan Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Mark Kenly Domino Tan Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Mark Kenly Domino Tan Spring Summer 2024 collection fashion show at Copenhagen Fashion Week SS24 (August 10, 2023).

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Designer Caroline Engelgaar, who had previously collaborated with Mark Kenly Domino Tan, took the reins to craft a collection that resonated with a sense of calm and sophistication. The runway show was accompanied by the soothing sounds of Christine and the Queens' "Shine," setting the tone for what was to come.

This collection, aptly described as the calm after the storm, emerged in the wake of changes within the brand. After the departure of the house founder, Engelgaar stepped up to lead the creative direction. With determination and a skilled team by her side, she breathed new life into the brand's identity. This season, she introduced a blend of made-to-order atelier pieces alongside the ready-to-wear collection, enhancing the brand's appeal to a wider range of discerning clientele.

Engelgaar's vision for the Spring Summer 2024 collection was summed up as "simple even though it's really rich in terms of fabric." The garments exuded an air of understated opulence, combining sumptuous fabrics with clean lines and meticulous tailoring. She stated that while some elements leaned towards a more feminine aesthetic, they still retained a casual yet couture sensibility.

The show opened with a series of dresses showcasing asymmetric hems, created from a silk/technical fabric blend that lent an unexpected stiffness to the garments. These pieces, which seemed to pay homage to Cristóbal Balenciaga's iconic designs, drew inspiration from an unexpected source – the Haenyeo, female Korean pearl divers. This nod to their resilience and the ocean's gentle waves added a layer of depth to the collection's overall narrative.

The influence of the ocean extended beyond mere inspiration, as wavy hems and ripple-like peplums echoed the undulating patterns of waves. Pearls, reminiscent of treasures hidden beneath the sea's surface, adorned several pieces, infusing an aquatic touch to the collection's aesthetic.

Amidst the collection's more formal offerings, Engelgaar introduced a series of relaxed looks crafted from shirting fabrics for women, with corresponding cotton pajama-inspired ensembles for men. Headscarves paired with the garments lent an air of modesty, ranging from a chic "fashion nun" vibe to rustic charm.

At the core of the Mark Kenly Domino Tan identity lies exceptional tailoring, and this season was no exception. The collection featured cropped blazers and collarless linen coats that exuded an air of elegance akin to the softest suede. Pieces like the side-buttoned trench with cape-sleeves hinted at practicality without sacrificing style, a testament to the brand's commitment to functionality.

Engelgaar's approach to menswear was equally innovative. The collection showcased a slope-shouldered suit paired with long shorts and flats, a departure from traditional masculine suiting that struck a balance between elegance and approachability. The collection aimed to capture a gentlemanly essence for men and a ladylike sophistication for women, all while maintaining a sense of purposeful effort.

Engelgaar's passion for thoughtful design was palpable. "One of the things that distinguishes the brand is that you really do make an effort [to get dressed], and everything is really thoughtful," she explained. The result was an array of highly desirable pieces that resonated with those who appreciate minimalist elegance with a Danish twist.


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