Miss Sohee Spring Summer 2024 Haute Couture Fashion Show

Miss Sohee Spring Summer 2024 Haute Couture Fashion Show

Miss Sohee Spring Summer 2024 Haute Couture collection fashion show at Paris Couture Week SS24 (January 24, 2024).

London-based designer Sohee Park, with a profound appreciation for items with a history, recently enchanted Paris with her Spring Summer 2024 Haute Couture collection. A self-confessed magpie drawn to the beauty of neglected antiques, Park's sophomore show in Paris delved into a world where mother-of-pearl jewelry boxes, traditional Korean headpieces, opulent floral vases, and vintage tiles metamorphosed into sumptuously adorned and sultry silhouettes.

Sohee Park's love for vintage items with a story to tell served as the driving force behind her latest collection. Her affinity for neglected antiques, including mother-of-pearl jewelry boxes, traditional Korean headpieces, and opulent floral vases, became the canvas upon which she painted a rich tapestry of seductive and alluring designs. The collection showcased Park's ability to find beauty in the old and overlooked, transforming forgotten treasures into contemporary couture.

Exploring the concept of seduction, Park emphasized the importance of being oneself and exuding confidence rather than conforming to societal expectations. Her spring collection, a departure from conventional notions of seduction, celebrated self-expression and confidence, challenging the conventional norms associated with captivating attire.

The collection celebrated the female form with an array of sultry silhouettes, accentuating and hugging curves with elegance. With the exception of a few puffball skirts, the designs embraced low-cut backs and corset elements, offering a captivating play of fabric that hinted at a different kind of allure. Mermaid dresses, adorned with cascades of flowers and blush-toned tulle, showcased the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail that defined Miss Sohee's couture vision.

Among the standout pieces was the bridal-like opening look, featuring a racerback dress with a bodice intricately embroidered with geometric designs resembling accumulated petals, all culminating in a flow of light gray tulle. A sparkling midnight blue column dress, adorned with a regal golden collar plastron and secured with bejeweled clasps, added a touch of royalty to the collection. Handbags and fans, created in collaboration with South Korean artisans using the fine ramie-style weave Hansan Mosi, underscored Park's commitment to preserving heritage textiles.

Miss Sohee's commitment to heritage textiles was exemplified in her collaboration with South Korean artisans, who crafted handbags and fans using Hansan Mosi—a fine ramie-style weave made from hemp. This collaboration not only showcased the designer's dedication to craftsmanship but also emphasized the importance of preserving cultural heritage in the realm of haute couture.

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