Molly Goddard Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Molly Goddard Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

Molly Goddard Spring Summer 2024 collection fashion show at London Fashion Week SS24 (September 16, 2023).

Molly Goddard's foray into the world of Christie's auction house on King Street marked a significant departure from her previous encounters with the venue, typically reserved for the setup of displays. During this particular visit, she found herself in the midst of behind-the-scenes activity, where artistic masterpieces lay scattered on the floor. It was a fascinating sight, one that stirred excitement within her—an experience she felt was somehow connected to her latest collection.

In her Spring/Summer 2024 lineup, Goddard ventured to unveil the inner workings of garments, turning them inside out to reveal the intricate mechanics of their creation, thereby crafting her own masterpieces. She delved into extensive research at the National Theatre Costume Hire, meticulously examining the stitched intricacies of garments spanning from the Regency era to contemporary designs.

Throughout the collection, long skirts were shirred at the hip, allowing for graceful drapery that cascaded into delicate froths of pale ruffled petticoat. This ingenious contrast technique found its zenith when used to outline the single vent of a black tailored jacket. Her signature tulle skirts were paired with loosely corseted tops, their sheer quality exposing the structural artistry of boning and corsetry, defining the gentle contours. A dusty pink woolen cardigan bore the charm of a two-inch satin strip, reminiscent of an old granny blanket tucked away in the spare room. Washed-out red rose prints adorned skirts and were intricately knitted into another cardigan, featuring magenta panels at the shoulders, evoking a sense of comfortable domestic nostalgia. Off-white quilted dresses were etched with quilted beams, while the seams of checkered denim pieces were traced in unfinished selvedge.

In essence, this collection was a precise excavation of the deeply familiar yet often overlooked facets of fashion. Goddard herself shared her delight in the process of crafting clothing, emphasizing the techniques, fabrics, and fit. This joy in the intricacies of her craft was palpable in the masterful result she presented—a collection that quietly but profoundly celebrated the artistry behind the creation of garments.


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