Onitsuka Tiger Fall Winter 2024-25 Fashion Show

Onitsuka Tiger Fall Winter 2024-25 Fashion Show

Onitsuka Tiger Fall Winter 2024-2025 collection fashion show at Milano Fashion Week FW24 (February 21, 2024).

Andrea Pompilio brought the vibrant streets of Tokyo to life with Onitsuka Tiger's Fall Winter 2024 collection, infusing it with a youthful and urban bourgeois sensibility that captured the essence of the bustling city.

Drawing inspiration from the dynamic visuals of Tokyo's Shibuya district during sudden downpours, Pompilio envisioned a painterly interpretation of the metropolis. The colors of flashing billboards melded into one another, while taxis streaked through the streets, creating a mesmerizing tableau of urban life.

The collection opened with a spirited dance performance by the Avantgardey dance crew, setting the tone for the youthful energy that permeated the runway. Oversized woolen coats, reminiscent of rain-drenched garments, featured hourglass silhouettes, while bias-cut dresses adorned with ruffles and handkerchief hems evoked the imagery of city puddles, embellished with mud-colored sequins.

Pompilio's vision extended beyond mere aesthetics, as he seamlessly integrated technical fabrics and sportswear elements into tailored ensembles. A standout piece was the office skirt suit crafted from a technical pinstriped fabric, a nod to the ongoing dialogue between indoor and outdoor attire in contemporary fashion.

The collection showcased the evolution of Onitsuka Tiger's distinctive yellow hue, adding pops of color to the demure palette of mud, rusty brown, and gunmetal gray. Lime rib-knit vests paired with workwear pants and chartreuse duffle coats injected a playful vibrancy into the urban-inspired collection.

Pompilio's ambition was evident in his endeavor to redefine Onitsuka Tiger's fashion identity, bridging its sportswear heritage with his expertise in fabric manipulation and avant-garde silhouettes. From sneakers transformed into sports-ready rockabilly creepers to hiking-meets-derby styles, the collection epitomized a youthful yet refined vision of Tokyo's fashion landscape.

Onitsuka Tiger's Fall Winter 2024 collection not only paid homage to the brand's Japanese roots but also served as a testament to Pompilio's innovative approach to fashion, cementing its place as a trailblazer in the ever-evolving world of streetwear and urban fashion.

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